50 Google Plus Extensions for Chrome

This is a thank you post! To those 100 readers who gave +1 to Chromestory.com and 100 people have added me in Google Plus. The best way to say thank you is giving them something useful, right? So, here goes, 50 Chrome Extensions for Google Plus users.

Please note that I haven’t got to test most of these extensions. So, please do use wisely. For the list of extensions which I have used and blogged here, click here.

  1. Take Control Of Your Google+ Stream With Plus Minus
  2. Mix Up Facebook and Twitter With Google Plus You Will Love This Extension
  3. This Extension Makes Google Plus More Pleasant
  4. Linked #hashtags, Search in Posts and Profiles from Omnibox “ An Awesome Extension For Google Plus
  5. Move Your Facebook Albums To Picasa With This Extension
  6. Make The Google Profile Bar Sticky on Google Plus #extension
  7. Google Plus Photo Zoom Extension
  8. The Minus One Button For Google Plus !
  9. Hide Those Long List Of Comments in Google+!
  10. Google Plus Lite App for Chrome
  11. Google Plus Extension for Chrome
  12. Complete Browser Integration With Desktop Notifications !
  13. Send Your Google+ Posts To Facebook and Twitter #Extension
  14. Replies and more for Google+
  15. Extended Share for Google Plus: Extends Google+ to share to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and many more.
  16. Notification Count for Google Plus™ : Extension for displaying unread notification count for Google Plus
  17. +Photo Zoom:Easily zoom photos and profile pics from your Google Plus Stream.
  18. Helper for Google+ : Add extra functions the Google+. Get desktop notifications on new posts. Share Posts via twitter. Translate posts with Google Translate. Bookmark posts faster for reading later (also to delicious.com). Linked #hashtags. Search in posts and profiles directly from your omnibox.
  19. +1 Button – Plus One Button :Plus one every page you like with only one click, directly from omnibox, without any annoying popup
  20. Layouts for Google Plus : Change your Google Plus background to any image you want. Click the ‘Edit Background’ button in the lower right corner to change…
  21. G+ Extended :Additional shortcuts for G+. Including +1 (+), share (s) and expand comments (e).
  22. Google Plus Directory : Find your + is a Google Plus person directory, where you can meet new people, start making new friend circles and more.
  23. Google+ Ultimate for Google Plus :This is an extension for Google Plus (plus.google.com, G+, Google+) to add functionatility and themeing for the site. I have big…
  24. G+me for Google Plus: Collapses the Google+ stream while keeping live updates: hides comments, collapses posts, etc.
  25. Native GMail for Google Plus – Beta: Integrates Google Mail into your Google Plus page
  26. Everything Went Black for Google Plus: Google Plus Usability Mods
  27. GPlus notifications: Extension to show notifications of Google Plus
  28. Tweetify for Google Plus:Make your Google+ streams Twitter-like. Heavily experimental.
  29. Google Plus Button:To open google plus fast in a new or current tab
  30. Share+ Social Buttons for Google Plus : Share+ will add a context-link icon below your Google+ post in order to share your post to some well-known social platforms.
  31. G+ Tweet for Google Plus: A full featured twitter client for Google+ View your timeline, url shortening, photo sharing and more…!
  32. I rec: Google +1[Plus One] & LIKE in 1 click: Recommend any webpage via +1 or LIKE in just 2 clicks using I rec [I recommend]. Simple, Fast and Light weight..
  33. Open Graph for Google Plus Integration:This extension loads the open graph data for every post in your Google Plus stream.
  34. Fixed top bar for Google Plus: This extension fix top bar of Google+ screen
  35. Styling for Google Plus:Uses CSS to customize Google+
  36. Google Plus Bar Minus: You can turn on/off the google bar
  37. Google+ Refined for Google Plus: A selection of CSS changes for a refined Google Plus experience
  38. QuickView for Google Plus:Adds QuickView style keyboard shortcuts for Google Plus
  39. GPlus+ Search :Search Public GPlus Content
  40. Google Music to Google Plus Poster : Google Music+ allows you to post your currently playing song and artist into Google Plus stream
  41. RSS Share for Google Plus and Google Reader :Google+and Google Reader Integration. ‘Share on Google+’ button on Google Reader. Google Reader in Google Plus.
  42. Enlightenment for Google Plus: Add Google Search features… and more
  43. Google Plus Enhancer: Adds functionality, theming, & configuration to your Google Plus viewing experience.
  44. Google+ Comments – Kynetx for Google Chrome:Collapse comments on Google+ and just show a count under the original post. Powered by Kynetx.
  45. GTools+: GTools+ add many useful features for Google+ services. You can : stick the google bar, translate posts, customize notification color, change the google chat place, add notification for Gmail and Reader and more…
  46. SGPlus :Complete social network integration: post to Facebook and Twitter, see your feeds inside Google Plus, and much more
  47. reddi+ Orangered : Replace the notification icon in Google+ with an orange red reddit envelope.

Enjoy!! and please drop me a comment if you find some new extensions, or if there is something wrong with this list 🙂

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