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Netflix plugin for Chrome OS is v1.0.2 – Launching Soon?

Netflix support is something people have been asking for on forums and feature requests. Well, it took a while for Chrome OS team to get things in place.

Netflix plugin for Chrome OS was first found few months back, when it was mentioned in a Chromium Bug report. Two months back, we got to know that Samsung Chromebooks are about to get Netflix plugin soon.

Now, Engadget reports that this plugin has reached v1.0.2, which sounds like a stable version. So, we should see the launch soon.

So, who is getting ready to use Netflix on Chromebook? As far as I know, CR48 is not getting this plugin. Anyone seeing any update?

via engadget




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  • Ripps

    The CR-48 Dev-channel already has the Netflix plugin 0.6.1, why wouldn’t it get the updated one?

    • Dinu

      oh, thanks for that info… when I saw the initial update on bug reports, it was mentioned that it will be on everything except cr48, looks like that exception is no longer there :)

  • James

    I keep forgetting to ask, what is Netflix and why is it so important?