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How to Download Chrome OS For Your Netbook

How to Download Chrome OS For Your Netbook –  an easy to follow guide!

I want to download Chrome OS for my Netbook – where do I get it?

This is a question  asked by hundreds of people every day. Some want to try Chrome OS to find out how it works, but for some, its a better option than buying an expensive Chromebook.

Chrome OS Download

Chrome OS Download

Chrome OS comes pre-installed with Chromebooks and can not be downloaded. However, the open source version of it, known as Chromium OS is free and can be downloaded from various sources.

There is one thing to note here. Even though Chromium OS is free for anyone to download, Google or the Chromium team is not giving you a ready to install image or ISO file to download.You have access to the source files, and you get some documentation on how to build your Chromium OS installation file.

That’s not a disadvantage.

How to Download Chrome OS For Your Netbook

That actually is the greatest advantage, if you ask me. Since it is open and free, there are a variety of sources you can download Chromium OS from, most of them customized. The trick is to download the right one for you.

Chromium OS Flow – Hexxeh

Why did I pick this one as the first to introduce here? This is the most popular version of Chromium OS, downloaded more than 757000 times so far!

Chromium OS Flow has been tweaked to work with most of the netbooks available out there, with most of the features working, including wifi.

Compatibility ListDownload Links Installation Instructions.

Chromium OS Vanilla – Hexxeh – USB, VMWare and Virtualbox

Here is our second variety, Vanilla. Hexxeh named it Vanilla because this is unmodified daily builds of Chromium OS. That means, this is Chromium OS as it is, without any modifications. For anyone who wants to keep track of Chrome OS development and to get a view of a future features, this is the right build.

Chrome OS and Chromium OS without will not work with all netbooks out there because of the hardware compatibly issues. Some features like Wifi will work only if you have the right piece of hardware. If you have that, this will be a great choice for you.

Please note that every build that you download, may not work since they are really bleeding edge versions. But, there will be a new build every day, with new features and improvements and that’s pretty exciting. As a bonus, you get Vmware and Virtualbox images as well!!!!

Hardware  Compatibility List Download Links Installation Instructions.

Do You Have A Dell Netbook? – Download from Dell Linux Team

Dell netbooks use a piece of hardware that’s not supported by Chromium OS for Wifi. So the linux team at Dell did a little bit of tweaking on Chromium OS and posted a build for everyone to download. They recently updated their version.

If you have a dell mini or any dell netbook that you want to put Chromium OS on, this may be your best bet. Instructions to download, install and set up wifi can be found here.

Chromium OS For Macbook Air

Hexxeh (again!) made news with his custom build of Chrome OS for Macbook air. He has posted the build along with instruction to install it on Macbook Air. This one is for any crazy geeks who wants to do this adventure. Here is the link!

The Future – The iPad and Other Tablets

In the future, we will be able to install Chromium OS on ipads, or some devices with tegra2 processor. I have seen  a daily Chromium build customized for Tegra2 processors. However, I can not disclose any information since the developer is yet to announce it. But stay tuned, I will bring you all the news possible when it’s time.

Till then, enjoy your Chromium Netbook or Macbook Air :-)

  • Thomas Broyer

    Unless Hexxeh didn’t update his web site, Flow is not something to recommend: “Last release was 15th February 2010”, ouch!

    • Dinu

      Yes, you are correct… but that’s the only build which will work on most of the hardware.. hope hexxeh updates his flow build real soon!

  • earls

    Correct, ChromeOS Vanilla is what you want.

    I just bought one of these:

    I hoping to get ChromeOS on there…

    • Dinu

      good luck there!

  • Guest

    Official Chrome OS ISO ==> less chromebook users, more people who like Chrome OS

    • Dinu

      well, that’s a point.. but they want more Chrome OS users where they have full control.. not just Chromium OS users, where they may or may not have control… but still more people using Google products = more money for them..

  • Rex Rollman

    I would personally like to see Google offer official VirutalPC/VMware images for people who want to browse the web more safely. Of course, that’s probably something they have already considered and rejected, but one can hope.

    • Dinu

      Vanilla build from Hexxeh is available for virtual machine… if you like it..

  • Chromiyaw

    I have tried to burn the img image to USB using the method given..but i cant boot from it..then i tried to convert it to iso using ccd2iso but still no hope..can you please tell me how to do it? i mean how to burn it to USB..or how to convert it to ISO..