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The Minus One Button For Google Plus !

The plus one button was Google’s answer for the Like button from Facebook. News reports say that the plus one button has started showing up all over the web and is doing really well. So, what about a “Minus One” button ?

When I saw the minus button, I emailed it’s developer Julien and asked what does it actually do. Because, officially, there is no minus option, or dislike option. You can minus your plus, only if you have already liked something.

Here is the response I got.

You can add -1 on any post in your stream or people public stream even if you did not +1 on the post. It is independent. Only people who have already installed the addon can see the -1 of the others -1’s users

Get the idea ? I am not sure if Google will ever have a minus one option officially, until then, this is something that can satisfy your need for expressing dislike on the web, provided, you get to meet few people who are already using it.

Install it from here.




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  • Victor

    I like the fact that Google+ doesn’t have a -1 button. It forces people to write a comment to express their disliking of something, instead of passively doing so.

    I think it’s better to provide constructive criticism/explain why something is disliked. :-)

    • Dinu

      makes sense :)

      • Gabriel

        No it doesn’t, in that case why have a +1?

  • Kristen Marceda

    We need 2 b able 2 minus pplz commentz!

    • Dinu

      well, I have an extension (will post it soon) that hides comments, if that’s what you really need :)

      minus on comments, its something for the developer to consider :) hope he will answer you here..

  • Kristen Marceda

    +Dinu No, I most definitely need a – button for comments! I personally NEVER want to hide comments. Comments r the best part! I do, however, yearn to – many comments!

    • Dinu

      okkies :) Julien is around here, hope he will listen to your feature request :)

  • Kristen Marceda

    Me 2, Dino. Me 2.

  • James

    It’s good that someone has started early with the -1 button. Facebook has a lot, and they all use separate databases. It is rare that you ever see a dislike, even on bad comments, which suggests that I use a different disliker to other people. You do see a few, though.

    Anyway, I think -1 is important. Victor said that you can passively -1 something and it doesn’t mean much, but you can also passively +1 something without saying why.

  • julien

    +Kristen Yes in next version 😉 (I have just finished the firefox version)

    • Kristen Marceda


  • julien

    Firefox version (and link for the chrome version too) ->

  • Kristen Marceda

    +abillion thank u’s, Julien! I have just awarded the first of many minuses for a comment. *<:')

  • Vishal

    People can intentionally dislike any competitor post or page. How can that affect one’s own search results or SEO of that blog/website?

  • julien

    +Vishal, Do not worry ^^ Minus one is just a funny addon and has no impact on search results !

  • Dimi P

    vote on google moderator for the “-1”-button, so google will integrate it: