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Make The Google Profile Bar Sticky on Google Plus #extension

Google Plus seasons back in action. Here is another simple Chrome extension that adds a minor tweak to your Google Plus page. It makes the Google Profile Blackbar sticky.

Once this installed, this extensions lets you access the blackbar even while you are digging deep in to the stream. This is useful when you need your notifications showing up all the time.

This is a simple extension that makes the black bar in Google+ sticky. This means whenever you scroll the black bar and your notifications go with you. This is useful when you are reading long posts/comments and get notifications and dont feel like scrolling up, says the developer.

Enjoying Google+ so far ? Any feature requests/extension requests here? I am sure we have few awesome developers listening in here !

Install This Extension From Here.

  • James

    I’m sure this can be done with a user style. I’d make one myself, but I can’t get onto G+.

  • Unsolved Cypher

    Typo in the title, it’s Google Plus, not Google Pus 😀

    • James

      Ha :D!

      • Dinu

        well, that was a stupid mistake … bad bad me !!!