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Use Facebook Inside Google Plus #Chrome

Update: I have removed a major part of this post since the extension mentioned here was not so clean;). I have another extension that you can install, with much more functionality, and straight from the Google Chrome Web Store. Check it out here.

Once installed, the extension will add a Facebook icon on top of your Google Plus page which gives access to your facebook stream from G+. Installing this script is pretty much easy and takes only few clicks.  The Google+Facebook extension is currently supporting Chrome and Firefox only.


  • Mantas

    The fact that it’s not hosted on Chrome Web Store and very suspicious permission requirements (access a list of all apps, extensions and themes? never even seen that before) put a huge exclamation mark on this one.

    If this is really possible, I’ll wait for someone trustworthy to write an extension for it…

  • link6155

    @Mantas, you are very wise not to trust this because it is a malware!

  • Dan

    THIS IS MALWARE!!!!!!!