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“Three UK” Announces Chromebook Data Plans – Free 3GB For 3 Months !

“Three” a UK telecom provider has announced their Chromebook data plans ahead of its launch in June. ( UK will be getting Chromebooks along with the US from 15th of June ). They will provide free SIM cards and 3GB free data for first three months. Read on for m0re details.

UK Data Plans for Chromebook

UK Data Plans for Chromebook


After the 3GB for 3 Months offer, users can choose to go contract-free with a number of different pay-as-you-go plans that range from a 500MB day pass for £3 to a 7GB one-month pass for £25

For more details, : 3 Blog, and Chromebook UK Website.

Any UK Chromebook fans here ? :-)

via Engadget




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  • James

    Is this for 3G? Sorry, I don’t understand all the internet contracts, I just know that Three mainly does mobile networks.

    • Dinu

      chrome’s page says “When you’re on the road, you can stay connected with a 3G connectivity package from Three”

      so I am assuming that this is 3G ..

      • James

        Yes, I’d rather get WiFi. I don’t really take my laptop around with me.

        • Dinu

          without connection, Chrome OS is almost useless… so, if you ever take it for travel, you will have to look for wifi hotspots ..

          I am planning to buy a 3g one, use wifi whenever I am at home, use 3G only when I am travelling ..