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OMG !! Chrome OS Default Avatars #awesomeness

I’ve been waiting for this for long enough !!! Every time I install a fresh copy of Chromium OS on my netbook, I look for the default avatar images, but they had only dummy images so far.

Today’s build didn’t work properly for me, so I missed this one, but François Beaufort posted this on his Buzz feed. ( I recently added Buzz back in to gmail only to get updates from him )

So here you go, Awesome Default Profile Image set for Google Chrome OS. Let me know which one is your favorite. Download link at the bottom of this post. Subscribe to my feed for more cool updates on Chrome and Chrome OS !

Chrome OS Avatars

Chrome OS Avatars

There is also a new avatar for Guest login as well !!!

Chrome OS Guest Avatar

So, which one is your favorite ? Download the whole set or each image from here.





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