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Chromium Daily Builds on Ubuntu Gets Unity Progress Bar And Badge Support

It’s been a while since I got chance to get my hands on the Ubuntu version of Chrome and Chromium. Netbook is busy changing to latest Chromium OS versions these days and never got a chance to go to Ubuntu and check it out.

I miss Ubuntu .. but you don’t have to worry about getting to know about the latest from Ubuntu .. because OMG Ubuntu is serving the hot stuff there. Latest new is from the 11.04 release of Ubuntu.

The latest daily builds of Chromium come with a neat gift for Natty users – Unity Launcher progress bar and badge support for active downloads., says OMG Ubuntu.

This is interesting, because it’s been only few days since the new version of Ubuntu launched. So, Ubuntu users here, happy  ? :-)


You can install/upgrade to the latest Chromium Daily build using the Chromium Daily builds PPA: –

enjoy !!

  • Cougar Abogado

    Chrome Story, did you change your username to Dinu, or, Dinu, are you a guest writer?

    • Dinu

      after requests / questions / complaints / suggestions, I decided to use my name in posts .. :)

      • Cougar Abogado

        I feel like I’m in a Batman cartoon, or something, and you’ve just been unmasked as Bruce Wayne! Thanks for letting me know — I was feeling rather puzzled.

        • Dinu

          sorry for confusing you all !!

          • Cougar Abogado

            Apology accepted, Captain Needa. (Star Wars, in case it’s failing to ring a bell.)

  • Dinu

    :) yep yep .. it does !! but not so easily for me ..