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Web Navigation Extension API And Proxy Extension API Lands in Chrome Beta

The latest beta release of Chrome Beta has added two new experimental APIs for extension developers. Web Navigation and Proxy Extension APIs.

Sample extension showcasing individual proxy settings for normal and incognito windows


From the blog

  • The Web Navigation Extension API allows extension developers to observe browser navigation events. These events fire both for top-level navigation and in-page navigation. The API therefore allows an extension to keep track of exactly what page (or section thereof) the tab is showing, and how the user got there. We foresee a number of use cases for this API, including extensions that gather and present statistical or benchmarking data, safe-browsing extensions, and developer tools.
  • The Proxy Extension API closes one of our most popular feature requests, allowing users to configure Chrome’s proxy settings via extensions. Proxies can be configured for the entire browser or independently for regular and incognito windows. Configuration options range from setting a single proxy server to installing remote or even local PAC scripts. A sample extension demonstrates these capabilities.

Developers ready with extensions already ? drop a comment here to that everyone can try. Oh, and anyone who is going to try this, make sure you have beta version of chrome, and enable “Experimental Extension APIs” from “about:flags

Good luck !





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