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SpyEye Trojan Now Targets Google Chrome #Security

Online marketing and  Trojan attacks have one thing in common. They tend to move towards corners of the web where more users are available for spreading their work. Chrome is getting more user base these days and bad guys have it on their hit list.

SpyEye Targets Google Chrome

SpyEye Targets Google Chrome


Latest report from suggests that in it’s latest version  Spyeye, (  Trojan.Spyeye is a Trojan horse that may steal information from the compromised computer. Discovered:February 2, 2010 ) has added options to attack Chrome and Opera.

What Does This Trojan Do ?

“Trojans like ZeuS and SpyEye have the built-in ability to keep logs of every keystroke a victim types on his or her keyboard, but this kind of tracking usually creates too much extraneous data for the attackers, who mainly are interested in financial information such as credit card numbers and online banking credentials. Form grabbers accomplish this by stripping out any data that victims enter in specific Web site form fields, snarfing and recording that data before it can be encrypted and sent to the Web site requesting the information.”writes the blog.

Now that Chrome is being targeted, like any other modern browser, what is your best practice on being safe on the web ?




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  • conorsulli

    Glad to see it is targeted to windows, but I see if they manage to compromise chrome that it could easily attack both Mac / Linux et al.