Scrolling Tabs and Other Touch UI Changes on Chrome !

Looks like something or the other related to Touch UI on Google Chrome is happening every day. Latest changes on the Chromium UI with hints towards a Chrome Touch Device,

1. Scrolling Tabs : The concept of scrolling tabs has been introduced for the Touch UI, ensuring that selected tabs stay in the view

2. Scroll for Side Tabs :  Two new arrows at the top of the tab-bar, allowing you to scroll through the tabs upwards and downwards if you are using Side Tabs.

3. New Full Screen Button : The profile button has been moved a bit, making space for a new full-screen button

These changes will be ported to Chrome Dev version soon and will be exposed to more wide audience soon.

UI Changes Chrome

UI Changes Chrome


So, question for you.

Do you think Google is actively developing for a Chrome Touch Device, may be releasing one like CR48 as a pilot program ?

Or, are they keeping Chrome ready for anyone who wants to port Chrome to a Touch device, since it is going to be open source. We saw that with Android, its going from phones to tablets to cars and what not ! What if Chromium OS has  a future like that ?

Or, are they developing Chrome as a browser for tablets too ? It is already a part of honeycomb, so are they making it ready as an application to be used on other tablets too, like maybe iPad ?


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  • That right side of the title bar looks to be becoming a bit cluttered in Windows (where all the buttons are on the right). All the screenshots we have seen so far are from a Mac.

    • yes, I think I have mentioned this in the past, lot of the UI changes seems to be on Mac first .. any idea why ?

  • Hope this is coming fast to dev version.
    I have trouble with tab overflow on my tab sidebar, really annoying

  • All these updates on technology, it’s a head spin era we are in if you ask me 🙂

    • yep yep ! 😀

    • IE en firefox are copying google chrome’s fast update cycle. Firefox exacly the same update cycle.

      it is not a big deal, but why are these browsers only copying stuff from google chrome. I hate that, do something yourself.

      • even before giving all users access to IE9, MS has started working on IE10 😉 that sounds funny

      • hey what matters is, the web is a faster place…and google did make chromium for a reason…. =D

        • Indeed, Google have only made Chrome so that the web is a nicer place. Niceness -> usage -> searching -> Google.

          I suppose it promotes GMail and similar as well, but Firefox already promotes Google search (which is the main part of the Google business.

      • José Martins

        Chrome itself also copied some other browsers features.
        But indeed the most copiers are the rivals!

        • There is a feature Chrome needs to copy now: Panorama from Firefox. It works surprisingly well, and is quicker than any extension would be. It was enough to make me use FF4 half the time for two evenings.

          I’m surprised that no-one’s copied the omnibox. Going on FF4 reminded me of how brilliant it is. The Firefox one only gives suggestions for items in your history, while Chrome can find search and website suggestions from things you have never been on. Some people think that their privacy is being violated with it, but trying out that “safe” version of Chrome (SRWare Iron, I think it was) shows you that it was a trade-off worth having.

  • Guest

    The more other browsers copy, the better the internet will be. That’s also a goal from Chromium.

  • Displaying the email address in the top right. Is that another sign of Multiple Profiles? Letting you know what “sync” are are logged in as?

    • Yes, its about multiple profiles …

      • Guest

        I don’t think multiple profiles will come to Chrome, but it will be in Chrome OS.

        • I hope they do, after all, Google has put support for Multiple profiles into their services (Gmail, Calendar, Sites), so why not in Chrome?
          People, like myself, might like to “sync” different things for different PC’s (i.e., College and Home Life)

  • those side tab arrows are now in dev version. But isn’t really fancy. I hop they will at a scroll option with the scrollweel soon.

    • Is WebGL working on dev? It’s not on my stable 10.0.648.204.

      • WebGL
        3D context No

        Same in the Canary Build too, I don’t have the latest Chromium build to test

        • That’s odd, v9 was boasting about having WebGL. Also, if you go into the “other browsers” section, Chrome 10.0.648 has 15 more points than when I tested it (all the WebGL points).

          • Well I never, that’s weird. Have you tried testing Chrome 9 with

            Turns out Spoon only goes up to Chrome 8… Hmmm

      • Try beta version:

        • WebGL still scores 0/15

      • Guest

        I dont think html5test tests your browser. Its just displaying the specs for Chrome.

  • Guest

    Did you notice the new “New Tab” icon, the plus? It is in 3D now, just move your mouse on it.

    I have the Dust Storm Theme:

    • Where is this 3D logo?

    • Ooooh! I think I know what you mean now, I just saw it on Canary – Very fancy

    • Guest

      If they could make it real 3D and it will glide in the Tab Bar, it would be really, really cool.

    • Guest

      It’s removed! It now has the same effect as with a tab, it lights up.
      It looks really stupid, compared to how it was!

      • Yeah, I noticed that, things come and go in Chromium builds. Should be back in dev, with multiple profiles 😉

  • Guest

    Now in Flags:

    Multiple Profiles
    Associates every browser window with a profile, and adds a profile switcher in the upper right corner. Every profile has its own bookmarks, extensions, apps, etc.

    • Awesome! I checked it out just now, “Create A New Profile” is still blanked out though 🙁

      • yes, create new profile is not enabled yet … still work in progress

    • you guys are quicker than me 😛 I was drafting my post when you commented 😀