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“Recently Closed” On New Tab Modified, Google Talk App Now Works on PC Too !

I love to watch the design changes on Google Chrome, and end up posting about even minor changes I notice. Hope you guy don’t mind !

The new tab page redesign has been in the spotlight for a while because it looked like Google is making Chrome ready for touch interfaces. Thew new design is still a work in progress and has only apps showing up as of now. My most visited website thumbnails are all gone, ( that’s fine Google, I can adjust ! ) so were recently closed tabs.

update : adding screenshot of Chrome OS version of this.

But today, canary build and chromium builds have got  “Recently closed tabs” back in a new form. You need to click on a little icon on the bottom right corner of the tab to get a neat menu of those tabs.  I will keep watching the changes and report back for all of you :)

Chrome OS Only Talk App Now Works in Chrome – So Kind of You Google !

Panels on Chrome OS is one of the things Google was highlighting from the time they announced Chrome OS. It adds a nice bit of functionality to Chrome OS. Google Talk app with this panels UI got  a lot of praise from the geek community.

There was news that Panels UI is coming to Chrome as well for everyone on windows mac and linux operating systems to make use of this. I do not see any of that in Chrome as of now, but from few days, the Google Talk App seems to be working on Windows too, without the Panels UI. It gives you a window on Chrome OS, with looks and feel of Google Talk program. It will first tell you that this is not designed for PCs , but will let you continue if you want to.

Will we get Panels on PC too, soon enough ?




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  • James

    I’ve got to say that I really don’t use the most visited websites on the new tab page. I always want to know how to get back to a page I may want to view in the future, leading to me using bookmarks. I find the most visited websites far too risky as a way to store my usage. Also, the websites on there seem slow to react to browsing habits.

    • Daniel

      I agree, I don’t really use the “Most Visited” section at all, perhaps there should be an option to disable it.
      I use Recently Closed though, great for whenever I close the wrong tab etc!

      • Guest

        You can hide the “Most Visited” section by clicking on the little X that appears when you move your mouse over the right side of the line

      • James

        I use recently closed as well. I’m now using Speddial 2 ( as my new tab page, which does not have a Most Visited section. It’s worth a try, but it’s not quite finished yet. However, you do seem to get an update every day!

  • Guest

    I just noticed that the icon for a page without icon has changed from the paper to the globe from de omnibox.

  • Kevin

    Did you ever notice that when you mouse-over a secondary tab your mouse acts like a light source? I think its new to the beta version.

    • Daniel

      Haha! I noticed that (V10 Dev?). It amused me for hours :’)

    • Guest

      I noticed that too, but it is in Chrome for a pretty long time. It doesn’t work with every theme.

      • chrome OS story

        hey, tell me how to see it ? I am using default theme ..

    • kurtextrem

      Can you make a screenshot?

      • Daniel

        Yeah, there’s a screenshot here (default theme). I also took the chance to show this in a Incognito Window, the effect is on the third tab.

        • Daniel

          Haha! I guess comments don’t support the “img” tag, if the admin could add this link to the end of that comment please 😉

          • chrome OS story

            thanks ! I see it now 😀 😀 😀

          • Daniel

            Can’t believe you never noticed it before =P … I did another screenshot earlier (for a friend) showing some of Chrome’s new features. Relates to this post

          • James

            Does that second screenshot show logging in using a Google account?

          • Daniel

            My screenshot? Which one? Neither of them have a login screen yet (In Google Chrome). I was also logged out of Sync at that time (Too many issues with it!)

          • James

            In the bottom right corner it says “example at”. Presumably this is going to be replaced with the user’s email address. Or is this sync?

  • chrome OS story

    hi hi 😀

    hmm, does this qualify as an individual post ?

    • Daniel

      Does what eh wha? Oooh o.0
      Confused! :(

    • apruler2012

      haha well u can, but i noticed it 4ever ago too ^_^
      @daniel he is saying should he make a post on the blog about this 😉

      • Daniel

        I think I noticed it last month to be fair, not too long ago =P

  • tehk

    Google Talk app is actually the first “TRUELY BACKGROUND APP” in chrome in my opinion, extensions don’t count.

    • chrome OS story

      I have to play with it a little more to find out how good it is :)