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chrome://crashes Shows A History of Chrome Crashes

Remember I told you about a new page being added to show the history of Chrome Crashes ? Things are taking shape here and I have a screenshot to share with you. If you are on developer version, try chrome://crashes in the addressbar.

Chrome Crash Reporting

Chrome Crash Reporting

Each crash has it’s own ID which gets added to the bottom of your bug report when you click on the “File Bug” link. The crash history will show the date and time of the crash.

The official page says that this “Creates a new internal page for listing recent reported crashes, to make it easier for users to report crashes, or get crash IDs when asked in bug reports“.




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  • Mauroh Testinhas

    I personally don’t like ID numbers, but I know acknowledge that it’s a good tool for who work at Google. I leave a note:

    “It would be good, that for each new feature (like that) there was an option to disable it. In similarity to the Plugins page.”

  • Faizan

    Nice !! thanks for the info.. to fix Google Chrome crashes try the steps mentioned here: