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Top 12 Things You Can Do On Google Chrome With “Drag And Drop”

Keyboard Shortcuts  or Mouse Gestures, ( right, forget the touchscreen for now ) we have our own ways of getting things done while we are using computers. Some of us use more of keyboard shortcuts and less mouse gestures, and some use the opposite mix.

Some of us use ctrl c and ctrl v to move things around on our computer, but some use mouse to drag and drop files and folders. If you are in the second category, this post is going to be REALLY useful for you.

Before we start, I have to thank a few of my awesome readers here who inspired me to write this post, encouraged me with their valuable input. Thank you





Now, welcome to the drag and drop university.

Addressbar and Tab Bar

Addressbar and Tab Bar

1. Drag Files to Attach and Upload

While you are on a website and trying attach a file from your computer, instead of selecting the file, browsing through your computer, just drag the file from your computer and drop it to the upload box on the website.

2. Drag Downloaded Files to Desktop

You have seen the download bar that appears on the bottom of Chrome while you are downloading something right ? Once the download is complete, you can drag the file from that bar and drop it on the location on your computer, where you want it to be. So next time, after the download is done, try drag and drop !

3. Drag Text To Omnibox To Search

If you are used to copying text and then pasting it on the omnibox ( addressbar ) of Google Chrome, here is a quicker way to do that search, simply drag your piece of text to the Omnibox bar !

4. Drag Text To Tab Bar To Search In New Tab

Similar to last tip, but one difference. Instead of dragging the text to the addressbar, try it on the tab bar, and you will get the search results on a new tab.

5. Drag Links To Omnibar To Open Them

This works well with links from your bookmarks bar. Drag the URL to the addressbar to open it.

6. Drag Links to Tab Bar To Open In New Tab

This is something that I find really useful. When I am on a page, say, a wikipedia article, there will be lot of links on that page to related articles which I would love to read, but without closing or leaving the current page. I can drag that link to the tab bar to have them open in a new tab.

7. Drag Images to Open in New Tab

Just like you drag URLs or Text to the addressbar, you can drag images to the addressbar and open them.

8. Drag Images To Tab Bar To Open In A New Tab

Yes, similar to the last tip, but dragging images to the tab bar, will open them in  a new tab. Pretty simple uh ?

9. Drag Links to Bookmarks Bar to Add Them To Bookmark

Forget keyboard shortcuts to bookmark URLs on to your bookmarks bar, start dragging them to there, do things in a different style !!

10. Drag Images to Bookmarks Bar To Bookmark It

Just like you can drag any link to the bookmarks bar to add them to your favourites, you can drag images as well there and get it added.

11. Open Files Saved On Your Computer Using Chrome- Drag and Drop

You can drag and drop files to chrome from your local computer to open them in the browser. Will work well with HTML files and images etc. But, my personal favorite ? PDF Files. Remember I told you about making Chrome your default PDF viewer ?  Yes, this is another cool way to get PDF files open on Chrome, which will be way faster and easier than the traditional adobe reader ( I feel good calling it sooo traditional 😀 )

12.  Drag and Drop – To and From Incognito Window

During a normal browsing session if you find some fishy stuff that you do not want showing up in your browsing history, or want to make it a secret for some other reason, drag that URL to an incognito window to open it separately !

Still with me ? Okay, congratulations, you have graduated from the Drag and Drop University ! Enjoy and do share your tips and lets make this list grow !!!

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  • svinqVmraka

    “Drag Downloaded Files to Desktop”.. now that’s awesome! I’ve been using chrome since version 2 and haven’t even thought about trying that. Thanks!

    • chrome OS story

      you are welcome !! 😀

    • kurtextrem

      Yeah, thx Dinu. I didn’t know that thing too. 😀

  • Daniel

    Some pretty cool features. I think I use most of them, although I tend to middle mouse click than drag n drop. Perhaps that will change.
    I had no idea about the download one though.

    P.S. Thanks for the mention! :)

    • chrome OS story

      cool, glad to know that you could learn something new 😀

  • maldar

    I am more of the first category you mentioned, but I really like 2 and 11. didn’t know that before, or didn’t try it :)

    • chrome OS story

      thanks , glad to know that !

  • Victor

    “5. Drag Links To Omnibar To Open Them

    This works well with links from your bookmarks bar. Drag the URL to the addressbar to open it.”

    I like this feature, but I definitely don’t agree with the example usage scenario: Why not just _click_ the bookmarks in the bookmarks bar? :) This is better utilized when you highlight a URL on the page you are viewing, in plain text, then dragging that to the address bar.

  • apruler2012

    haha ur welcome ^_^ and thank you =D.
    i don’t have time for the extension i was going to show u. u might have seen it but here is the link
    its custom mouse gestures, i use this and my script to save a lot of time =D

    p.s. i accidentally post this on another post so sorry about that X_X

  • Cromado

    Hello there… d -_- b
    Not sure if I post here, maybe you had deleted my comment.


    • chrome OS story

      may be spam hunters killed it, can you please post again ? sorry

      • Cromado

        Okey, here’s the link again.

        Egas4icons.7z (38.71 KB)

        Ensure that still exists in the

        • Cromado

          X File has been deleted.

  • PAEz

    hmmmm….seems my last post didnt go through?

    Anywayz, thanks for number 2, didnt know that one and its very useful.

    Also you can drag the world icon on to the bookmarks bar to bookmark the current page. You can also drag this to the tabs bar to open a duplicate of the page and that includes the tab bar in other instances of chrome.

    Also, with number 5 you dont actually have to drag it to the omnibar, it can be anywhere on the toolbar (over the buttons or extension buttons).

    Dev version, XP

    • chrome OS story

      WordPress will automatically block comments with more than two links .. I will check that comment for you now`

  • Nilesh Rathi

    We can also drag links to the home button to make it the home page.

  • hkdobrev

    13. Drag files from download bar (downloaded from one website) to upload input field to upload the file (in another website).

  • Adria

    can’t drag and drop from one tab to another tab that is open :( all other browsers have had that ability for ages. BOO!