Here Is How The New Google Chrome Logo May Look Like !

update : Google Chrome’s New Logo Now in The Dev Version readers are awesome , and creative ( you know what, logo and the header image for this blog was designed by one the readers, Mr. T )

Now, soon after I published the news about Chromium’s new logo, many of the readers started sending in their imaginative version of Chrome logo’s future.

So, here is how the new Google Chrome logo may look like. Let me know what you think. And for many who didn’t like the new logo, like my friend Kiran,  you may like this when you see it in Chrome’s colors.

Chrome New Logo 1

Chrome New Logo 1 by link6155


Chrome New Logo 2

Chrome New Logo 2 by Noah


Chrome New Logo 3

Chrome New Logo 3 by svinqVmraka

And now, as seen on, a cool one


New Logo Chrome

New Logo Chrome



So, what’ you all think ? got one to add to the list ?

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  • god awful UGLY!$#

    I hope they don’t go with this. Chrome is a metal overlay to something internal. Some some lame ass abstract piece of art 🙁

    • I’ll wait until Google Chrome comes out with the original version of the new logo .. 😀

  • Honestly? I prefer the current logo. It’s much more appealing and “professional”.

    • apruler2012

      i agree =D

    • Sam I Are

      I think you’re confusing professional with “looks like it took a lot of time and expensive software.” Unless they explain what it’s supposed to be I’d rather see it nice and flat. It just makes me wonder what it’s supposed to be when it’s 3D like it is now. Reveal your secrets to me, Google Chrome logo!

    • Yes, the new one is very ugly! The old one is much better. The new one looks like the old one and the old one looks like the new one! Please Google, bring back the old one, this new one is boring and flat and there’s no glow or glossy feel to it anymore. I miss the old one.

  • Cromado

    Good lord!

    Oh my God!


  • stay with the old logo. the new one looks horrid!

  • Please concentrate on solving the usability problems, such as:

    1 – The Bookmark manager is too slow and it’s inconvenient to use;

    See a list of issues here:

    2 – The page Extensions (chrome://extensions/) is tremendously mistranslated in my language (pt-PT) ;

    See the issue and the dialog box here:

    3 – The new options page in a tab, is still full of bugs. But it has reached the stable channel now!

    This is seriously annoying.

    Remember the Toyota Acceleration Problems! (

    Oh people of Google, do not want to be the best by force. You will be soon, but take it easy! One step at a time. We’ll see what they do to the History page…

    Simple, Fast, Secure!

  • My vote is still for the old, bold and edgy logo 🙂

  • Allen

    Whats wrong with the old one. Flat is not where it’s at. Stay with the 3D look.

  • Guest

    IF they need to change the logo, they can better change it to the logo thats on the bag from the WebStore.
    Thats more a logo instead of a flat circle.
    The colours between the red, green and blue aren’t nice now, I prefer the Webstore logo and the logo by noah, but than with the little 3d effect.

  • This is why Google wants to change Chrome’s logo

    • Guest

      So they changed it so they can print it on a sticker an paste on a Chrome OS device. OMG

  • @Cromado, +100 for you :). Stop wasting resources on things that doesn’t matter and concentrate on the bugs that keeps me avoiding Chrome (and they a A LOT). On the subject of the icon, I like better the old one.

    • Sam I Are

      I’d be very surprised if the team behind the new logo had anything to do with bug fixes. I hope Google at least knows the difference between a designer and a developer.

      • Samuel

        They know the difference? I thought they had designers and developers who work. Apparently the designers were still on Christmas vacation, judging by the “new” logo!

  • There are no technical rules for designing logos. A good logo is onethat can easily be recorded in our memory and captures ourattention and that should be associated with the company vision.

  • I like old style logo… If there is a vote, I vote for old one!

  • Google Chrome New Logo – hi-res final version here!

    • thanks !

    • Guest

      The hi-res is a little bit less ugly, do you have the hi-res version from Chromium also? I would like it as wallpaper!

  • The new logo is sucktastik.
    The current one’s sleek, sexy, and is a fitting illistration to describe what Chrome does. The new one is a very lazy design, it looks like the draft of the current logo. There’s nothing sleek, fashionable, sexy, or versitile about the new logo…it’s not pleasing.

    • but do you think we can print it on laptops just like android logo is on phones now ?

      • An android logo on an Iphone just proves the person who owns the phone is a bloody moron.
        Personally I think putting logos on your gagets is ghey. All my stuff is basic black, though I think my asus god machine has their little demon eye on the front…but it came like that & it’s kinda cute.
        The chrome net book they sent out for testing had decals w/it. Personally I didn’t like them @ all – it’s still basic black.

        • Haha…I can’t read in the morning. Lol completely failed that first sentence.

      • ashfaq

        Yes, Chrome shining 3d logo can be printed on any surface/device.

        The way Google presents its logo on web, on paper, on metal, on billboards, on walls etc. Do the same with Chrome.
        When Google never changed the web version to look exactly like the one engraved on HTC devices then why do you think you need the same logo for all those different purposes.
        Simply transform it the way Google get transformed.

    • Sam I Are

      There’s nothing sleek or sexy about the current logo. All it is is “shiny” which is not the same thing. If you asked me to describe Chrome it would be minimal, quick, pain-free. The old logo looks like all bells and whistles, added junk and too much attention to looking cool.

      • While I like both logos, I’m very persuaded by the minimalist/simplicity argument, in favor of the new version.

        • ashfaq

          lets do the same with Google log and see if any one would still like that minimalist design as well. Logos are suppose to be media aware. What looks good on the micro-chips should not dictate the looks for the other media.

          Almost all companies have different flavours of the same logo for different purposes/media limitations.

        • ashfaq

          lets do the same with Google logo and see if any one would still like that minimalist design as well. Logos are suppose to be media aware. What looks good on the micro-chips should not dictate the looks for the other media.

          Almost all companies have different flavours of the same logo for different purposes/media limitations.

  • Honestly, I prefer the current logo too, theses new ones are ugly, awful !

  • Someone else may have mentioned this already and I missed it.

    I just noticed that my new tab page on Chrome OS (dev) sports the new logo on both the Chrome Web Store purchase bag logo and the Chrome logo at the bottom left of the page.

    Please let me know if you’d like a screen shot.

  • Wow, this IS a real logo, much better than current shiny-plastic-3d-thing. People always refuse something new, so no wonder that here are such comments.

  • If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The existing logo is fine.

    • Guest

      Are you using the first version of Chrome? It isn’t broken!

      New things aren’t always good, but they aren’t always bad too!

      It won’t be changed back to the old style.

      If you want the old logo, download an old zip version of Chromium or go to the “Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application” folder in dev channel and find the chrome.exe with the old icon.
      Now go to the properties of the Chrome/Chromium shortcut and select the icon in the Shortcut tab by selecting the old .exe.
      Backup the old .exe so you keep the icon when it’s updated again!

    • Sam I Are

      That’s a perfectly good philosophy for stunting all creativity and innovation. I think this applies:

      “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” —Henry Ford

      If all you do is fix the things that are obvious you never actually make anything new or worth caring about.

  • Samuel

    If you look at the topic of discussion about the new logo, this is red hot in almost all blogs on the web. It’s a fact.

    Another thing is the amount of people who like and dislike it. It seems to me that in some cases are more people who dislike it.
    But in the end it seems totally distributed. A tie.

    But the new logo will be a reality. Issue closed.

  • Michael

    Old one is far superior!

  • Indeed, with the mania of graphic modernisms, they will ruin the Chrome logo.
    There are people who, just to justify a high salary, begins to invent and spoils which took several years to earn a Mark of Prestige…
    It would be like changing the logo from Picasa or Google: we look and there is no need of subtitles.
    A BRAND takes many years (with luck and in rare cases, a short time) to consolidate. And even today you sell products/articles because of the symbol/mark/badge/logo, rather than by quality. Just let us remind, brand clothing, shoes, watches, wallets, perfumes…

    Nobre Luso in “Revolução Digital” (

  • Anton Petrov

    I do not like new logo. I came here googling for why they did that! I think that new logo can be used only for very smal pixelated icons.

  • raneu

    Eww… Please, please, please don’t do that…

  • I don’t like the new logo. The old one was much better. Also this new chrome is slower, why?

  • Peter

    The new logo looks disgusting, i just got it now on my pc and it doesn’t fit with the other logos aside it. When i was looking at the new logo on google images i thought the new logo was drawn by someone, not used by google chrome. Sure sometimes simple logos are good but google have definitely gone wrong with this logo. It would be wonderful if they went back to the old logo or made a completely different one that doesn’t turn out like this new logo.

  • UnsolvedCypher

    The images on this post seem to have disappeared.