Google Chrome’s New Logo Now in The Dev Version

New Chrome Icon

New Chrome Icon

I feel like a journalist covering a movie, from early discussion stages till it is released. But anyways, the new Chrome logo is here, in the dev version of Chrome. And all those designers who made their own versions looking at Chromium’s new logo, you all win, the original Chrome logo is pretty much the same.

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Here, have a look !

Chrome New Logo

Chrome New Logo

Chrome New Logo

Chrome New Logo

and thanks OMG Ubuntu for the news, the logo change has been effective on dev versions of Chrome on Ubuntu too.

Ubuntu Chrome New Logo
Ubuntu Chrome New Logo

thanks @apexskier for the tweet tip !

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  • Wow, that looks… interesting. What was wrong with the old one?

    • you noob

      looks ugly!
      return the old 1 ffs

    • I think they did this for more effective branding on devices that are due mid 2011

      • Mauro Metin

        I agree.
        It is not pretty compared to the current logo.

    • I think the new one fits better with Google’s overall branding – it has that “not particularly pretty and refined but somewhat memorable and peculiar” feeling.

      The old one had a hi-fi rendering style that was more akin to Apple’s icons (and in fact, the new one fits much better with Ubuntu, while it looks desperately out of place on the OS X dock).

      I actually don’t like the new one that much, but I must say it has a more iconic flavour – iconic as in “logo mark quality”, not as in “app icon quality”. =D

  • George

    Meh. Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke.

  • Love it. Much nicer, more minimalist and more Google-like. The current one is ugly with its shiny bevelling.

    • ok, I see another person who likes the new logo 😀 welcome

      • Same thing here. The new one works better in small size too, without rendering itself into unrecognizable blob of pixules. The shiny bevel 3D-knot is just too complicated to look good ubiquituously.

        • I love the new logo! Google has always been about simplicity, and this makes perfect sense. I’m not going to deny, the old logo did have a nice look, but I’m assuming this is more to do with Chrome and Chrome OS merging, and the new logo will blend in much better with a wide variety of themes/devices.

  • Nerds like shiny.

    • jose

      nerds get shit taken away

  • I agree Paul, the old logo looked like someone was trying too hard to make it look good and failed!

  • An improvement. That’s not saying much though. It is a testament to the people who built Chrome that I use it whilst tolerating that horrid icon in the dock.

  • Thankfully it’s not as ugly as the logo.

  • Mauro Metin

    I do not like.
    Changes for no apparent reason!
    If only it was already the official launch of Google Chrome …

    • Mauro Metin

      *If only it was already the official launch of Google Chrome OS…

      • fui

        When is the official launch of Google Chrome OS?

  • Michael Fernandez

    Simon says….
    Interestingly enough, this is better than the bevels

  • kurtextrem

    If you wanna change this icon, other icons coming up:
    I think the top right is for canary build and the logo at bottom, i dont know 😀

    Btw: I like the new logo, it’s much better than the old.

    • the yellow one, I thought its for Canary build, but canary is not updated yet

  • I just noticed it this morning. I saw my dock as and thought “What the hell happened to the Chrome icon?!”

    The new icon is really terrible. It might look okay at 256×256, but the tiny little 48×48 taskbar icon looks like a child drew it in MS Paint. It is by the far the ugliest icon I have on my taskbar, desktop, and start menu combined.

    • hmm, kinda agree with your point, the smaller version of the logo is lil too colorful :0

      • zeel

        It looks very childish next to the icons for firefox, IE9, Opera, and Safari. (yes I have them all for web development reasons, but I only brows with Chrome).

        First thing I did when I noticed it was try to change the icon in properties. But the old one is not in there (It dose have this one, the canary version, the Google lowercase g with and without colored blocks around it, plus a odd square icon that just says google chrome) I’m looking for a copy of the old one, don’t have to use the ones stored in the .exe

        • zeel

          well I’m stumped on one thing. the icon changes just fine on the desktop but the win7 taskbar icon dose not change. . .

    • Mauroh Testinhas

      Chris Thompson I strongly agree with you.

      The logo in big size is not bad. The problem is in small size. It is a little lifeless.
      From what I’ve seen some users love it, others hate. Still others neither love nor hate. I would say 50/50!
      What now?

      • zeel

        google could just leave the original in the .exe then it could be easily changed if the user so desires.

        • mark std.

          It would be ideal but they will not do it. They are obstinate!!!

        • In fact the Notepad++ program has an option at the installation process allowing user to choose what icon/logo he want to have in the main executable.

          • Due to some complains about new icon, one option to switch back to the old one is available in the installer.

            Read more

  • Guest

    The new logo reminds me to this image:

  • Agreed– much better than with the bevelling.

    But the bland/white ring around the circle in the middle is too narrow. Needed to be girthier!

  • You know what this means, settings are going to be managed in good settings. The icon now matches the rest.

  • OK, fine. I admit the newest logo has a better look for printing/marketing etc. But I still love the old logo 🙂 There, I said it again!

  • For some reason I always like old logs better, I really don’t know who make those Logos anyway. All Designer I know would make better update on logo then the people who made this one. I’m disappointed.

  • PAEz

    I can understand why they changed it…but it is a little boring and doesnt have as much presence, but allot more practical.

  • ‘Less is more’
    I like the new logo, but the darker details don’t really come out. They should leave it or create a little bit more contrast.

    • gsaj

      Sometimes less is also . . less.
      This new logo is actually a tad TOO nondescript, and looks “generic”, like I’d see it on a box of “O-shaped fruit cereal” or something.

    • especially on a smaller size of the logo ?

  • fui

    It seems that after all the new Google Chrome logo is just an early april fools…

    • don’t think so, they have it updated everywhere now, chrome webstore, new tab page etc, ( all for dev version as of now )

  • Looks nice to me.

  • JE

    Like it but when I pin to the taskbar it reverts to the old icon. Any ideas

    • windows 7 ?

      • I have win7 and it changes a few days ago to the new logo. So, no problems here.

        • zeel

          I hate the new log, (I’m on win7) it appeared as soon as I updated but then I changed it.

      • JE

        Yes. As an icon on the desktop it changes to the new icon, but if I pin it to the start menu or the taskbar it reverts to the old bevel style.

        • zeel

          That is very strange I had the opposite problem (trying to get the old on back) but after a few hours it started to work fine.

  • It seems to me that although many people like the new one, more than half is not in favor…
    Will change in version 11 (…) and then we shall soon know the final verdict on the new logo for Chrome…

  • Sean Holmes

    The new icon looks flat and boring to me. Its as if it was 3D before and now its 2D. I was looking at my task bar today and every icon is 3D and textured and then blah chrome, I thought it was broken. I do like the canary one (and the previous versions of the dev one).

    • Renato Pires

      I’m also agree with you. I like the current icons and logos.
      Why change? If the problem is the sticker on laptops, why not let this logo to differentiate Google Chrome (Browser) and Google Chrome OS (Operating System)???

  • Jake

    Personally I quite like the new icon. It’s simple, sleek and minimalistic – just the things I like about Google. Nobody wants fancy and complicated icons and anyway, the old icon didn’t really fit with Google’s style.

  • I like the new look. I get tired of the shiny, polished icons everywhere these days. Also, the minimalist, matte look is emerging now as the new trend IMO. Mirror reflections are being replaced by shadows and realism.

    Also, this new look is more in keeping with Google’s philosphy of design – simple, minimal, effective.

    Love it.

  • Indeed, with the mania of graphic modernisms, they will ruin the Chrome logo.
    There are people who, just to justify a high salary, begins to invent and spoils which took several years to earn a Mark of Prestige…
    It would be like changing the logo from Picasa or Google: we look and there is no need of subtitles.
    A BRAND takes many years (with luck and in rare cases, a short time) to consolidate. And even today you sell products/articles because of the symbol/mark/badge/logo, rather than by quality. Just let us remind, brand clothing, shoes, watches, wallets, perfumes…
    Nobre Luso in “Revolução Digital” (

  • Anton Petrov

    New logo is terrible. And worst of all it looks like some student homework made during couple of hours.

    I like minimalism and I am tired of aqua icons too. But comparing old logo and new one…

  • kurtextrem

    Wow guys you did it. The old logo is back in Dev Channel … I want the new back!

    • really ? let me check that !!!

      • kurtextrem

        Yeah, but I think it’s a Bug.

        • I am going to wait for one more update before posting anything about it

    • I can confirm the upon updating the Dev channel build to 12.0.712.0 the old logo returns.

      • confirmed on Ubuntu too 🙂

        • Ok so now, the dev build 12.0.712.0 has the old icon but the canary build 12.0.715.0 has the new icon but canary build 12.0.714 had the old icon. Thi is getting ridiculous.

          • kurtextrem


          • LOL… yes, and canary build about page has the chrome logo, but if you look at the canary build logo on your taskbar, its different, but the desktop icon for canary build is still the old one …

            this is indeed getting ridiculous 😉

  • June Agastor

    Just to remind you that the new logo is a complete disappointment.

    🙁 🙁 🙁

  • I’m really annoyed about the new logo, and I don’t even use Chrome! So here’s a way for Mac users to get the old logo back.

    1) Click my name, or paste the following url:
    Download the files app.icns and document.icns.

    2) Find Chrome in your applications folder. Right click on it, and click ‘Show package contents”. You are now inside the Chrome application.

    3) Enter the folder ‘Contents’, then ‘Resources’. You should see two files called app.icns and document.icns.

    4) Drag the downloaded files into this folder, replacing the existing ones.

    Enjoy! You will probably need to restart Chrome to make the old icon show up on the dock.

  • Patrick

    i say use this icon for branding and bring back the old logo.. this ones okay but it likes high definition like the old one… why not use both?

  • Fernando

    This one looks cool, I liked the old one better thou’, and I get that this one comprehends Google Chrome’s point of simpler, lighter, faster. But if they had just take out this one first and the old one now, no one will disagree, for as good as this one is, in reality looks old. Hopefully we will all get a used to it.

  • Dave

    Looks less like a hidden camera than the first one, which is nice. Made me more edgy about the analytics before.

  • Karl

    WTF!! WTF!! Who is the tasteless clod who came up with this F#$%ing flat out dumb looking logo. GO BACK TO THE OLD LOGO!!! IT IS BETTER THAN THE OTHERS SUCH AS FIREFOX, ETC…
    COME ON!!

  • Ian James

    If your into everything looking like it has been coated in shellac, and filled with tiny details that look terrible once compressed by your monitor. You probably like the old logo. If you like when designers try and go against the grain, and do something “iconic” you probably like the new logo.

    Thanks for reading.

  • I’ve posted a video tutorial on how to change the Chrome icon back to the old 3D icon on a mac. I hope this helps.

  • Jessica

    I really like the new logo and I honestly think the concept is brilliant. It completely stands out in the crowd of all the glossy, metallic, and 3-dimensional logos we’re used to seeing for applications. The new design is a breath of fresh air 🙂

  • Diana

    I am a Mozilla Firefox user, so I don’t really care about the new Google Chrome logo, but Mozilla Firefox has been crashing for the last three days, or so…
    So now I use Google Chrome, seeing it as a new logo, I do not like it, I wish they’d change it, because it’s hard to find that Chrome with the new icon since you’re used to the old one…
    Change it back Google! 😛

  • I prefer the old one, it looked imo. This one looks like it’s unfinished and bland. I don’t understand why they changed it. No need to fix what wasn’t broken!

  • Stardock

    its hoorrible!! it totally ruins my awesome looking windows seven theme!!

    please bring back the old one or let us choose between them!!

    if not fuck you google!!

  • Max

    Even a child can do the ‘new’ logo in Paint!!
    This ‘new’ one sucks big time.

  • I don’t know…

    Anyway,I’ll miss the shadow,the 3D effect…

  • Taran

    Old one was more modern, new one is so bland. I loved seeing the shiny-ness of the old one. At least give us a choice on which to use.

  • Maurits

    Now it defenitely looks like a Pokéball

  • Mayank

    3D Chrome was much better than the 2D one

  • Raven

    The new icon looks out of place on my desktop. Everything else sticks out and this one looks flat. Im changin it back

  • Penny

    i kind of like it cause it looks a bit modern and “with it”. but the old one looked more technological, futuristic and generally cooler.

    • Raven

      I agree on the second part

  • j.j.

    the new logo sux balls

  • Jonas

    I agree, the new logo is ugly ass!

  • Raven

    You can change it back. Get Download Resource Hacker. Only problem is Im not sure if the Icon will change back everytime chrome updates

  • Waseem

    The original was soooooooo lot better!

  • Alina

    I think that first logo provided ease and movement. Current logo is static and repulsive.
    In my opinion they should return the previos logo!

  • The new logo is just fine. I like the minimalist concept.

  • I prefer the old one, it looked imo. This one looks like it’s unfinished and bland. I don’t understand why they changed it. No need to fix what wasn’t broken!

  • em

    This new one looks terrible in small size on my win7 taskbar. The white circle in middle is so thin that it looks like bad aliasing, especially against the green field. (it doesn’t show against the yellow which is a testament to how poor this logo is)

  • Big R in Vegas

    Are you kidding me?? Looks “still” like a kaleidoscopic drain!
    (Probably where all the $ they spent on this “NEW” version! Ha!) Laughable, and boring…..flat like the Earth….must be their consensus of disarray. — Big R…tellin’ like it is.

  • Vojta

    i like that minimalist style!! keep good work 🙂

  • I Like The Old One Because it’s 3D…

    • Raven

      Thats the main thing I liked about the old logo

  • Old One is More Good Than New One Please Restore the old one!

  • Criss Long Ho

    I was surfing the web and found this site.
    It seems that you can automatically change the logo!

  • Do you also see the sataistic 666 there? 😀

  • hepkess

    What in hell did you guys do? I want my old Chrome back. Did you screw this up permantly or can I get my old page back?

    • Raven

      Resource Hacker, its free to download

  • Jack Ngige

    I believe the new symbol is demonic…it has three 6’s. look carefully at the lines of the color boundaries that join the circle to the centre..the shape formed is that of a number 6,and since they are 3, the symol looks like its “saying” 666!!