1. chad

    that has been there for months

  2. Juuso Lassila

    The some effect has been there always, but those animations are new.

    It’s a kind of annoying, when you try to drag bookmark to the tap bar to make a new tap, because the bookmark on the bookmark bar disappears when you drak it away, making the bookmark next to it to use the space that the dragged bookmark left. when i release the mouse, the dragged bookmark goes back to the same old place, but the other bookmark that took the empty space doesn’t move back and stays on top of the other bookmark.

    1. so, its forcing you to drop the new one to the right-end of the bookmarks bar and not anywhere else ?

  3. I forgot to mention – as a few comments suggested, that this feature was there in Chrome 9 I believe. I think the two extra dustballs might be new, but I’m not too sure.
    Unless they’ve updated the sounds then I can’t see what exactly is “new”
    However, I’ll check again tomorrow if possible, Chrome 9 (RockMelt) vs Chrome 12 Dev.

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