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Web Audio API is Now Available In Chrome !

Web Audio Example

Web Audio Example

This one is for developers ( for now ). Web Audio API is now available in Chrome, Mac for now, windows and linux to follow.

If you’re a Mac user, download a snapshot, visit about:flags and enable the Web Audio API. Check out the proposal or some examples and start playing around !

What Is Web Audio API

The Web Audio API introduces a variety of new audio features to the web platform. It can be used with the canvas 2D and WebGL 3D graphics APIs for creating a new generation of games and interactive applications. The API is capable of dynamically positioning/spatializing and mixing multiple sound sources in three-dimensional space.

It has a powerful modular routing system, supporting effects, a convolution engine for room simulation, multiple sends, submixes, etc. Scheduled sound playback is provided for musical applications requiring a high degree of rhythmic precision. Realtime analysis / visualizer support and direct JavaScript processing is also supported. from Google Documentation.

This will land on the developer build on windows and linux soon, promises the developer. So, anyone ready for some audio fun on Chrome ? Post in comments if you have something interesting to show off !





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  • apruler2012

    well, hexxeh is canceling Lime build…maybe…

    • chrome story

      the vanilla also not working for me these days ..

  • apruler2012

    is ur e-mail still ? i want to show u a script that i wrote that makes F2 -> next tab; F1 -> previous tab; F12-> Chrome://setting page; and Caps Lock -> new tab (search button)
    isn’t it similar to CR-48’s keyboard. 😉

    • chrome story

      yes, :) send it to me please !!

  • apruler2012

    k i have a question for u guys. would it be help full for F1 and F2 to be previous and next tab OR be previous and next page (like the back and forward button beside the refresh button)??
    the one other one will go with the keys F9 and F10
    personally i think F1 and F2 should be tab changing and F9 and F10 should be previous/next page… what do u think? =D
    and i’m going to make a video on how to do the script and stuff around this weekend… ^_^