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Google Will Partner With RealVNC To Remote Access in Chrome And Chrome OS

Remember Remoting / Chromoting ? a feature that’s rumored to be adding remote access capabilities to Chrome and Chrome OS ? Well, we have some news on this now.



According to a press release from RealVNC, this functionality is going to be built into both the browser and the operating system.

“With more than 120 million users around the world, Chrome’s focus on speed, simplicity and security has made it an exciting platform for innovation,” said Chee Chew, engineering director at Google. “We are thrilled to tap into RealVNC’s proven technology and expertise to complement our existing initiative.”

This is a UK based firm with experience in remote access systems. Well, I have a feeling that Chrome OS will gain more on enterprises that the consumer market .. what do you think ? Don’t you think Google also is moving in that direction ?

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