Another Chance To Get Free Cr48 Notebook From Google

Cr48 Notebook

Cr48 Notebook

Yes, there more CR48 Notebooks waiting lucky Chrome fans. And this time, Google wants you to take another route to try your luck on getting one.  Here is the blogpost from Chrome Team. Google is promoting some apps and services using the Cr48’s they have for shipping.

If you already live on the web and are itching to get your hands on a Chrome notebook, we’ve teamed up with a few Web Store apps for a chance to test-pilot the Cr-48. Check out blogposts from MOG, Box, LucidChart, and Zoho for more details. Then go ahead and rock out with 10 million songs, manage your files in the cloud, perfect your diagram drawing skills, or move your office onto the web. While you’re at it, you might also discover a new favorite app among the more than 2,000 apps in the Chrome Web Store.

So, click on the links provided in the blog post and try your luck again … all the very best !

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  • Awesome, but I hv very few luck in winning free gift 🙂

  • We hope to see lots of creative entries at LucidChart. As far as we know, our give away is the first time that it’s based on a skill contest, rather than a random drawing or application process. Come check it out!

    • Hope this works out really well for you …

      thanks for commenting !

  • Andri

    Is this only for US residents?

  • @LucidChart. I definitely appreciate the skill test. On the other hand, how would you categorize this give-away?

    I’m certainly impressed with the winning team’s mad skills. 🙂