How To Install Ubuntu On Chrome OS Notebook CR48

Chrome OS Notebook CR48

Chrome OS Notebook CR48

Did you expect this surprise ? Instructions on how to install Ubuntu on CR48, straight from Chromium team ? I didn’t. May be they knew that Ubuntu guys will hack in to any hardware and install Ubuntu on it, so they provided official support, just like official jailbreaking.

Here is the info from Chromium website.

While Chrome OS verified boot protects against unintended system modification by malicious or buggy software, the ability to hack your own device is an intentional design feature of Google Chrome notebooks. The instructions for building your own version of Chromium OS, and installing it on a Cr-48 are given elsewhere. Some enthusiasts, however, may want to install something completely different. This page provides an example, showing how the official Chrome OS software can coexist with Ubuntu, a popular linux distribution.

These instructions work on the Cr-48 as originally shipped. There are several magic numbers that may differ on other Chromium OS-based machines.

Find the how to guide here.

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  • andy

    So are the CR-48’s hardware locked?

    couldn’t you wipe it then install ubuntu?

  • apruler

    pls, install. and if u want u can make a post about it here and help ppl. =D

  • juan

    “I’m installing windows 7 home and runs well”

    • cool:) how was it ? easy uh ? if you figure out how to install other OSs, let us know here 😀