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Google Has Started Advertising Chrome OS Notebook – On Your New Tab Page

Few more hours to go before Chrome OS and The Netbook is launched. Google has started advertising their Chrome OS Netbook using the new tab page on Google Chrome. cDkPAEz sent me this interesting screenshot ( thanks a lot bro !!! ) this morning.

Chrome Notebook

Chrome Notebook

I don’t know how many of you actually saw this on your computers. If there are not many, we can conclude that this came out as mistake. I am still waiting for this to show up on my PC.

It is not not actually asking you to buy one notebook (they used the word notebook, not netbook and not speedbook) It says, “Would You Like to Test Drive”  a Chrome notebook. What happens after you click on the “Apply Now” link is funny. See the screenshot below. It goes to this page, which is not really exciting.

Chrome Notebook Ad

Chrome Notebook Ad

Interesting uh ?

Update : was lucky enough to get a view of those stickers and keychains and smart enough to grab a screenshot. Here you go !

Chrome Stickers and Keychains

Chrome Stickers and Keychains




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  1. kurtextrem


    Oh noezs! I want them >.<

  2. Google just announced that the Chrome Notebook gets a free 3G 100MB a month on Verizon (US). Said they also are working on plans for other geos.

    This was my major complaint about traveling with my Chromium notebook.

    I’m getting one as soon as possible.

  3. Now they are talking about Verified Boot. This makes your Chrome Notebook very safe. (My YouTube feed continues to fail)

    It is very, very hard to compromise this notebook programmatically.

    Now they are talking about the businesses being interested.

  4. Dam, woulda loved that big sticker to stick on my computer case :(

  5. Wow, they just announced that anyone that ordered one of those stickers from Facebook also could have taken a survey that was an application to receive a Cr48 notebook in their pilot project.

    Also, there is an application form on the

    I applied! Maybe I’ll get one!

  6. apruler

    there is the thing that pop up when i clicked the thing. =D

  7. mossholderm


    I had this come up today. When I clicked the link, I went right into a Cr-48 Test Drive application form.

    • yes, this thing is real now .. did you apply for it ?

      • mossholderm


        Yes, I applied… I haven’t heard anything yet, though. I am still being asked if I would like to apply every time I open a new tab in Chromium, as well.

        • CR48 delivered to me. They didn’t notify me at all. I’ll be tweeting @sigwo

  8. It shows up on my Chrome just now. Only pops up once and I sent my details. Instead of sticker etc, I think they say they will contact me (only if) I was chosen. Fingers crossed.

  9. Doommoose


    So does everyone get this offer? and do you have to pay for anything? And anything else about this? Cause i got the offer and :D