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Enable the Default Web Apps in Chrome 8

Google Chrome Webstore is at our door steps. Lets get ready to welcome it. Chrome 8 has already sneaked in to our PCs, and is capable of loading some default web apps.

Lets do a little editing and get the default Web Apps working on Chrome 8. Here is how.

1. Close all Google Chrome windows.

2. In Windows, right-click on a Chrome shortcut from your desktop, select “Properties” and append the following text to the Target field: ” –enable-default-apps” (don’t use quotes, but don’t forget to add a space before adding the command line flag). Click “OK” to close the dialog and then open Google Chrome.

On a Mac, quit Chrome, open the Terminal and paste this:

open /Applications/Google\ –args -enable-default-apps

For Linux you could use this:

/opt/google/chrome/google-chrome -enable-default-apps

3. Type chrome://extensions/ in the address bar (or click on the wrench menu and go to Tools > Extensions).

4. Click the “developer mode” link and then click “Update extensions now”.

5. After less than a minute, your new tab page should look like this:

Enjoy and don’t forget to share this with your friends. And yes, I almost forgot to say thanks to Google System Blog.

  • Guest

    Does this work with Chromium to?

    • Guest

      Im testing it now.

      • chrome story

        Should work on Chromium

        • Guest

          It dowsn’t work for me.
          When Chromium opens, it opens a page that he cant load:
          I updated the extensions turned on and turned off, but still it doesnt work.

          • chrome story

            probably a typo in the code you typed ? extra space or something of that sorts ?

  • Guest

    “C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Chromium\Application\chrome.exe” –enable-default-apps

    USERNAME is my username, but that is private.

  • b

    Does this work on the Chrome 9 dev version? I’ve tried it with the terminal line with mac but it comes back with an error.

    • Nick

      I can’t get it to work either. :(

  • Guest

    I think we can better wait for 7 december.

  • Nicola D’Agostino

    The right syntax on the Mac is two dashes before the enable flag, no open, no –args.

    /Applications/ –enable-default-apps
    /Applications/ –enable-default-apps

    This said I just tried it on the latest build and it doesn’t seem to have any effect (yet)


  • kurtextrem
  • Nicola D’Agostino

    kurtextrem, if you search you’ll find


    (of course you have to add the initial –)


    • kurtextrem

      yeah, yeah, but in Chrome 9.x / Chromium 10.x it doenst work 😉