CR48 Chrome Notebook Starts Shipping – Here Is An Unboxing Video And Tonnes Of Images

For those lucky ( and living in US ) people, Google has started shipping the Chrome Notebook CR 48. There is a lot of fuzz in the community because this pilot program is US only at the moment. Will there be another pilot program for people outside US ? Not sure.

Twitter updates from excited CR48 guys are showing up now. Please post in comments if you find some tweets or blog posts, or if you got one, write me something about it !!!

Below is the image kessler shared on twitter. ( and a few more fro )  I have admit, CR48 is just black without branding, but still looks awesome to me !

CR 48 Chrome OS Notebook

CR 48 Chrome OS Notebook

Chrome OS Notebook CR48

Chrome OS Notebook CR48

Chrome OS Notebook CR48

Chrome OS Notebook CR48

Here is an Unboxing video and few images from Engadget.

Chrome CR 48 Notebook

Chrome CR 48 Notebook

Chrome OS CR 48 Notebook

Chrome OS CR 48 Notebook

Here is an image shared by phake on Twitter.

Chrome OS Laptop

Chrome OS Laptop

via Engadget and various twitter users

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  • Wow. It looks great and I think it could be a real success among bloggers and other people that constantly use the Internet. I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these.

  • I just got one! I’m in Canada for this winter and my parents had to go back to the US for work for a week and it arrived this morning. My mom says it’s “cute”. I’ll be sure to send you updates and pictures.

  • Grizzo

    I really wish I had one now. I’m dying. I’m not in the US either and the suspense of whether or not is killing me!

  • Josh

    Any idea on where the jailbreaking button is? Maybe a photo of it

    • I will try to get a photo of it. Sundar Pichai said we will see it when we remove the battery

  • Bader

    I was, and still, looking for that “jailbreak switch” they talked about in the google event but with no luck.

  • The “jailbreak” button is behind a piece of black tape just to the right of the power port where the battery and the laptop connect to each other.

    • aloni

      I can’t find a sticker with a button anywhere on the device.
      What is this jailbrake all about anyways? what’s there to jailbrake?

      anyway – if you know of a nice site with tip and tricks for it i’d ove to see it (like opening a new window and toggling between them)

      • I got photos, I will post them today

        • jim

          hrm, i can’t find that area either on mine

  • I got home last night around midnight and wasn’t expecting a package at my door ( I mostly ship to the office ). Had no idea what it was but the box was fun… to my surprise it was the chrome notebook!/SFMoe/status/13112426924871681

  • Last2throw

    I got one and i’ve been watching this site for a long time so i figured i should let you know. contact me if you want pictures or something.

    • Thanks for the comment and offer to help ! keep rocking with CR48 and email be if you find something cool 🙂 🙂

  • Baka Boy

    Just wishing…. huft…. 🙁