1. Thanks for this post! I’ve got a few of these apps (and a lot more). I do quite like the app system, even though a lot are just glorified bookmarks. Apps allow for more games than extensions, as you feel that extensions degrade from performance or take up UI space. Also, it looks nice to see them with thumbnails and opening options.

    1. I agree !!

      But there is an argument that most of the apps are just bookmarks .. what do you think ?

      1. I think they are more of a Chrome OS thing, to replace the .exes of a standard computer. Anyway, it seems to make sense for developers, who can put their web apps on the Web Store, where people are looking for web apps. You probably wouldn’t have found Graphic.ly or NotePub or most of these web apps if it wasn’t for the Web Store.
        However, there are a few that use extensions (see something like Read Later Fast). It is definitely useful to get both parts together.
        P.S: the reason for the delayed reply is that I’ve been on Wordsquared for about 3hr (it’s a web app).

  2. zierka

    I tried the Calendar app without internet connection. It doesn’t work. “The app is currently unreachable.” ubuntu/chromium

      1. zierka

        No, only that “The app is currently unreachable.”

    1. Selden

      After installing Google Calendar, then using it to make sure that it had accessed my cloud calendar, I closed it, then disabled WiFi, then attempted to open calendar again. Not only would it not load, it crashed Chrome so badly that I had to shut down and reboot.

  3. Selden

    Scribble is good, but I still prefer Scratchpad, which has more functionality than at first glance. Also, if you drag the scratchpad to the bookmarks bar, clicking on it opens in a full-screen window, rather than the default 1.5″ x 2″ mini-window at bottom right.

    My favorite app to date is Read Later Fast, which allows capture of web pages to local storage, for reading offline. The user interface for finding/reading saved pages is very good, and you can create a small off-line library this way. When online, links in saved pages work.

  4. Here’s another feature I noticed tonight, for the first time:

    When a popup occurs, I get a brief orange/gold rectangular notification in the omnibox.

    I really liked this touch because I often missed the popup indicator before, when I actually wanted to use the unanticipated popup.

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