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20 Things

20 Things

Initial response to link posts that I have started, was good. So, I am trying to bring you more ! Keep your feedback coming and I can optimize things here to what works the best for you !

Google Chrome Compatibility Issues With EMET – The Team is working on it

Shortcut Manager for Chrome lets you execute JavaScript with hotkeys — and more!

and ….




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  • kurtextrem

    A little question… in the newest dev, when i open the dev tools, the webpage crashed, on which i opend it – its for you the same or not? :/

    • chrome story

      same here .. opening a bug !! thanks for finding this !!

      • kurtextrem

        Do you use “Optimize Legibility”? This Extension’s fault is the crash _sometimes_ but, if you dont have it, and go to it crashed too, without extensions enabled :/

        • chrome story

          no, I dont have that extension ..

          • kurtextrem

            Okey, then its really a nasty Bug :/

  • chrome story

    I opened a bug report but closed it as a duplicate .. there were so many open for this issue .. go, lets expect a fix soon