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How to Get Chrome OS App Launcher on New Tab Page of Chromium

Note: This works only on Chromium Dev Builds at the moment. Stay Tuned for More Updates.

One of the features that I am excited about Google Chrome  or Chrome OS is the App Launcher Tab. It works as a tab, or a popup. I’ve been using it for more than a month now. ( Here is how to set it up on chrome )

Now, with the latest Dev Build of Chromium, we can make the App Launcher open whenever open a new tab. We are one more step close to Chrome OS !

Chrome App Launcher

How to Set Up

Google Chrome and Chromium teams usually test new features with an additional command line switch. For App launcher menu you need to add –app-launcher-new-tab. at the end of your command line for Google Chrome.


  1. Locate your Chrome or Chromium shortcut. There should be one on your desktop and one in your start menu -
  2. Click the shortcut with your right mouse button and choose properties.
  3. Find the target box (it will be highlighted when the properties screen appears).
  4. Left click at the end of the line (after chrome.exe).
  5. Press space.
  6. Add your command line switch. The result looks like this:
    C:\Users\LeeM\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe –app-launcher-new-tab

If you are not using Chromium dev build, wait for some more time, and we will find this feature on Google Chrome too. Subscribe to RSS feed of this  blog so that you will not miss it !




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