F** Off ! – Profanity filter Extension for Google Chrome

I don’t know if I should call this extension strange, weired or a very useful extension. All seems to be correct when it comes to “F** Off” extension for Google Chrome.

chrome extensions  F** Off !   Profanity filter Extension for Google Chrome

Install it from here

Don’t get confused with the name. F Off! is a profanity filter for Google Chrome that cleans your Internet of swearing. If you want to keep internet browsing clean for you or your kids, this is  a really useful extension. For others, this is a bit strange.

If you look at the comments for this plugin, there is a really creative conversation going on, and the author has promised to make customization possible in future releases, which will allow you to select words that should be filtered or not.

There are many people who believe that even though this extension will keep F words away from kids while browsing the web, they will still be exposed to such language everywhere else, including School. So, is this extension really going to help ?

What you think ?

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