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Browsers Compared – Funny !

These pictures speak for themselves, more than a thousand words !

Google Chrome Funny CartoonChrome Funny PictureIE dead horseChrome Rocket PictureSource

  • Kwai Chi

    lolz! that is seriously funny because it’s pretty true :) I use Chrome atm because I like that it doesn’t crash like firefox does. At least I can just kill the tab that’s messing me up instead of waiting for firefox to die a slow death!

  • chrome story

    @ Kwai Chi

    Welcome aboard ! 😀

  • James

    The main reason why IE is used so much is because of people who don’t care/know about other browsers. Some believe it must be better because it’s what the computer came with.

    • chrome story

      good point there !

    • Tom

      This is exactly why the most widely used browser is Internet Explorer, because it’s Preinstalled. When has anyone seen a Desktop PC or a Laptop PC with any other browser Preinstalled? Of course, Apple MacBooks and iMacs are going to include Safari, because it’s Apple’s native browser. And all the PC’s out there are going to include Internet Explorer, because it’s Windows’ native browser. Back at the days of Windows 98, at least it included Netscape Navigator as a second option. But nowadays, it’s not the case.

  • Cromado

    Watch out for the Chrome’s dummy not explode with the rocket!!!