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“Pin Tab” A Simple and Useful Google Chrome Tip

Here is a simple but useful time-saving tip for Google Chrome users. Named “Pin Tab”, this feature lets you reduce the width of each tab, by showing only the favicon of the page, and not the page name. Read on to find out more!

 Update: This feature even got better recently – Find out more Here

Before we start, let me tell you what a favicon is, it is a small ( really small ) icon that will be shown next to the website’s name or webpage’s title, on each browser tab. ( provided, the website has its own favicon. ).

Google Chrome Pin Tab

Pin Tab, when enabled, will show only this favicon image, and not the title of the page, and that will reduce the width of the tab, in to less than 1 Cm.

To enable this feature, all you need to do is, right click on the tab and select “Pin Tab” from the bottom. Since you can enable or disable this feature for individual tabs, you can actually pin some regularly used tabs like your email, and save some space.

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  • mapmanic

    Chrome “Pin Tab” feature only available in development build as of 2009 Oct 13.

  • Travis G

    My Chrome browser doesn’t show this pin feature. Is it only for Dev channel subscribers?

  • chrome story

    as the comment on the top says

    Chrome “Pin Tab” feature only available in development build as of 2009 Oct 13.

    but, it will soon be available for everyone else .. :)

  • Will

    You could also just ‘slam’ the tab against the left of the tab-bar.

  • Leisureguy

    I have the dev build and used to have “Pin Tab” on the menu, but that’s now gone. Too bad. I did use it.

  • Matt Rogowski

    @Leisureguy Ah, glad it’s not just me then, I’m on the Dev channel too and just noticed it had gone… odd, hope they add it back.

  • chrome story

    Yes guys .. the pin tab is missing from dev version now…. I believe they are planning something better with it :D

  • chrome story

    Okay guys .. for those of you who reported pin tab missing from development versions .. its back now !! and with a nice zoom effect for mouse over !!!