1. Chrome is good but not the best. i still prefer firefox just because of themes and add ons.

  2. David

    At the current rate of development, any gains Chrome makes over Firefox will be short lived. Both browsers are excellent, but for different reasons. If you do all of your online activities with Google products, use Chrome. For general day-to-day non-google stuff, use FF.
    Just my .02 worth.

  3. Afriza N. Arief

    I think Google Chrome has a good design but its implementation/development is just not *yet* as complete as other browsers for daily use. So it is a promising project and a good place to learn [ and contribute ; ) ].

    1. yes, but it was well accepted, and is being made better day by day right ?

  4. Google Chrome it’s the fastest browser, but there are so problems: – hidden processes that cannot be removed from start-up (you remove them and after restart is still there, I want to control my computer, I don’t like those processes ), after that there aren’t good web developer tools for the browser, no good plugins … and the list can continue … so FireFox for the win :D

  5. @darkyndy

    agree with you, to some level, but there is no doubt that Chrome will grow up and beyond your expectations someday

  6. guy from shanghai

    chrome is new and i am interested to explore internet with it.

  7. Erika

    Google Chrome is fast but then again I prefer Firefox because I always got a shockwave crash everyday. So if you do not want to be frustrated with this problem I recommend Firefox. :D It’s way much better in many ways!

  8. Harold

    Google Chrome does not display the most recent version of a web page. Reload does not work to show the current version of a wer page.

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