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Download Sexy Google Chrome Themes #NSFW Skins

Your search for the most sexy Google Chrome themes ends here. I have a collection of sexy Google Chrome themes, bringing some sexy girls for your company while browsing with Google Chrome!

These are the most sexy Google Chrome themes that I found on the Chrome Web Store themes section. If you know of any other sexy Chrome themes, let me know!

You can click on the image to download and install the theme. The links take your to the Chrome Web Store page of the theme. I have included themes only from the Google Chrome Web Store themes section. Installing Google Chrome themes and extensions outside the Chrome Web Store is not recommended for security reasons.

And here comes the list.

Sexy Google Chrome Themes

With the colors black and green, a night scene.


A Paris Hilton theme!

Sexy Chrome Theme Paris Hilton

Sexy Chrome Theme

Lucy Pinder Sexy in Black theme




It’s easy to find ¬†Google Chrome themes. But finding good looking Google Chrome themes, is not that easy. I found great themes for Chrome through my friends. So I encourage you all to share this post with your friends with you find these themes good.





Note: Some images on this post are .webp format. You will need Google Chrome browser to view those images. Again, if you know of any other sexy Chrome themes, drop me a comment!

Stay sexy!

  • chrome story

    Yes … I do I do :)

  • Custom term paper

    i liked the functions and useful features like Hide Recent Activities and other mentioned in the post above and other more too. Chrome is tough competitor for FF but IE cant.

    • chrome story

      Yes, its getting better day by day …

  • confused

    I have a question, not sure if you’ll know the answer.
    The search bars have disappeared as well as the recent bookmarks on the new tab page. Is there anyway to revive them? I can’t find an option to.

  • MacGyverMagic

    I’m having the same problem as Confused. The recently created bookmarks bar has disappeared and everyone is acting like it never existed. I want it back!

  • chrome story

    guys, could you give me some steps to duplicate the issue ? I have never seen such an issue !