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Google Chrome Plugins People !! Ready to Pick Yours ?

Okay, people out there, waiting at the door steps of Google Chrome family, because we do not have those fancy addons as you firefox dudes do, come on in, you are most welcome to check out google chrome plugins, which will be pushed very soon to  stable versions. ( already available on dev versions )

A few facts about Chrome Extensions, as seen on the web and Google websites.

  • Extensions will stick to the minimal nature of Chrome browser itself.
  • Extensions will appear on the bottom of the browser.
  • Google will manage all extensions
  • Extensions will run as separate processes ( like tabs, and you will see them on chrome task manager)
  • Just like the browser, extensions also will be updated without the user even knowing about it.
  • No need to restart the browser after you install an extension
  • There will be a new extensions gallery set up for Chrome
  • extensions are collections of web pages that use HTML, JavaScript, CSS, so they’re not difficult to write and Extensions

I will take few extensions and play wit them using my dev version, and will give you more information about them, before they are officially announced. Also, you will get to see news and tips and more about Chrome Extensions on in coming days. So, Stay tuned ! Subscribe today !!

photo by Tiago • Ribeiro

How to Reopen Closed Tabs in Chrome or Restore Last Browsing Session

Opening recently closed tabs are really easy in Google Chrome. There are keyboard shortcuts and other tricks. You can either open individual tabs, restore your last browsing session or configure Chrome to always start where you left off.

How to Reopen Closed Tabs in Chrome

Open Individual Tabs To re-open the last closed tab, use CTRL + SHIFT + T  keyboard shortcut. You can open up to last 10 tabs using this method. Also, you can right click on any of the tabs you have open and choose reopen a closed tab to do this. You can also access recent tabs from the settings menu as shown below:

chrome news  How to Reopen Closed Tabs in Chrome or Restore Last Browsing Session

How to Restore Last Browsing Session

There are a couple of methods for you restore the last browsing session on Chrome. 1. You will see a Restore option when you reopen Chrome after a crash. This will restore all the open tabs from your last browsing session. 2. On the new tab page, look for Recently Closed Tabs on the bottom right corner. This will list your recently closed tabs. If you have just started a new browsing session, you will see your last browsing session as well here. Example, if you had 8 tabs open when you closed Chrome last time, the link will read 8 tabs. Click this to get all those 8 tabs back.

chrome news  How to Reopen Closed Tabs in Chrome or Restore Last Browsing Session

The Recently Closed Tabs section will show last 10 tabs you closed. This will help you open the exact tab that you are looking for. If you were to use the keyboard shortcut to open the first tab you closed, well, that’s not going to easy!

Always Start Where You Left Off

Okay, now you know how to reopen individual tabs and get the entire browsing session back. But what if you always want to start where you left off? Chrome can help you with that. Open the settings page and look for (search!) On Start Up. Under this menu, choose Continue where I left off. Once this is enabled, you will always get the tabs from your last browsing session when you open Chrome. Useful? Don’t forget to share this with your friends!!!

Is Google Toolbar available for Google Chrome Yet ?

There are news about Google Chrome Toolbar being developed buy few people on the web. However, most of Google services are inbuilt in to the Chrome Browser, and for others, there are official extensions available. Click here to find the full list.

Since we don’t believe in providing news about “fake” plugins, its not posted here. However, Chromestory will be tracking news about official extensions and themes, they are ready.

But, there is one question, is Google actively developing and maintaining Google Toolbar these days ? Or, am I missing th show here ? I have a feeling that they are not concerned about google toolbar anymore. If they were that much interested, we would have seen Google toolbar along with very first release of Google Chrome.

It is also possible that Google is developing a very different version of Chrome Toolbar, to make it unique from other browsers ? May be it is making it look better, and work better with google chrome ? I feel this way because I never liked google toolbar, and used only google pagerank checked from it. It was making my browser slow, and look bad.  With chrome tool bar, they may try something different

What do you think ? Will you be installing chrome toolbar if they ever release it ? Do you think it will be a good idea for Google Chrome team to release a chrome toolbar ?

New Version of Google Chrome : More Features, More Speed

Google has released a new stable version of Chrome with more features, and increased browsing speed. More features have been added, so, check it out.

If you are wondering how to update Google Chrome to the latest version, listen, Google Chrome will it to automatically when you connect to the web. If you just started today’s browsing, you may close your browser once and then open it again, you should get those features ( update requires restart for changes to take effect ).

So, what are those new features being added here ?

  • More Speed : New version of webkit will give you more speed, especially on javascripts. Google chrome team is concentrating on browsing speed a lot, and they give you more speed with each of their updates. Sounds good, and hope it will get better, and will bring more users for google chrome.
  • Annoyed of New Tab Page showing your favourites ? : Manage them better, now you can remove or restore website thumbnails from the list.  We had reported this feature with screenshots, earlier. ( this is why you have to subscribe to our rss feed, to know about upcoming features ! )
  • Full Screen Mode : press F11 , that’s the shortcut for fullscreen mode on Google Chrome, now this feature is on your stable version. Again, we had reported this feature on dev versions long back.
  • Form Autofil: Another feature that you are expecting, form autofil also has been added to this new version.

Some more reasons to switch to Google Chrome. Tell your friends, and their friends, tweet this information, share it and let us bring more and more people in to Google Chrome Community !! Also, be sure to subscribe to RSS feed of this site, because this week, I am going to update you all on a new feature I found today on the dev version, something that lets you open your last session when you open Google Chrome.

Google Chrome is Changing it’s Design ?

Google Chrome fans love the design and layout of their lovely browser. So, when modifications are done on this design, it gets noticed. Are they making a significant change to Google Chrome’s Design ? Let’s check it out.

I was testing the new Dev version, which was updated today. Then, I found a black color background where we have “close” and “minimize” etc. Have a look here, ( click for larger image )

chrome news  Google Chrome is Changing its Design ?Do you think it’s kinda cool ? hmm I don’t you yet … please drop me comments and let me know if you like this new design.

Chrome Updates Pop up Manager, with “allow pop ups” option

Until now, there was no  option for you to let a website load popups, always. All popups were blocked, and you will open those windows manually, from the bottom of the page. With the new Dev Update this week, Google Chrome is adding a “allow pop ups options” to it. You will see this feature very soon on Beta and Stable versions.

Now, here is a visual guide to it, to help you understand this better.  Here is how it looked like before the update.

chrome news  Chrome Updates Pop up Manager, with allow pop ups option

pop ups on google chrome

Now, after update, this option will looks like this

chrome news  Chrome Updates Pop up Manager, with allow pop ups optionSome other updates on this Dev release are

Visible changes:

  • [r14827] Support PgUp/PgDn in Omnibox for “first entry/last entry.” (Issue: 6857)
  • [r15115] Tell the user if Chrome is not the default browser. (Issue: 9049)
  • [r15702] You can choose to allow pop-ups from a site. (Issue: 11440)

Other changes of note:

  • [r14891] Fix for crashing when zoomed into street level on (Issue: 2044)
  • [r14731] Patch from Mohamed Mansour for systems without an installed printer. (Issue: 6835)
  • [r15020] Stop the location bar from flashing white when navigating from one HTTPS site to another. (Issue: 11157)
  • [r15214] Fix for common issues around opening a new window. (Issues: 6377, 6192, 835)
  • Lots of work around Extensions.  (See r15417, r15271, r15310)

Is Google Chrome Better than Firefox ?

chrome news  Is Google Chrome Better than Firefox ?Is google chrome better than firefox, or is there enough potential in google chrome to grow up to , or above, firefox ? That’s is a tricky question for a Google Chrome fan like me. Because, I love google chrome, and use it most of the times. But, being a new browser, it has its own limitations, I can’t stop agreeing on that.

The Present

Right now, Google chrome,  can’t give you many things that firefox is giving you, ( there are things on Google chrome that firefox can’t give you either, though ). So, in that sense, Google Chrome is not up to the level of  Firefox, then again, you can’t forget the age factor, because Google Chrome is a newborn baby, and Firefox is an adult !

Themes and  Extensions ( or addons or plugins ) these are two things that Google Chrome does not offer right now. Without them, many firefox users leave chrome after trying it for few times. But, they all agree, Chrome is fast and light.

The Future

Google has started advertising Google Chrome on TV, that’s a bold step, oh lovely Google !. This makes something more clear, Google is really serious about Google Chrome.  They have big plans for it. So, you can expect more in coming days. And yes, google chrome team is updating the stable, and beta versions quite frequently, fixing things and adding features. There is a beta update every month and dev update every week. Here is a blog post from chrome story that explains how to swtich your channels in Chrome. And I am writing another post very soon ( its in my draft folder now ) about why you should change your channel to beta.

Another thing about this constant updates is that, you do not even know when Chrome gets updated. When there is a security update, nodoy needs to be told, chrome does things automatically.

So, really, is it better than Firefox YET ?

Not really. There are loads of things that Firefox offers and chrome doesn’t. ( but remember, Chrome can, them in future. ).

But, I see a strong wind in favour of Google Chrome. A serious effort from the team behind it. We have to read this along with other developments happening around us. Google Android is being projected as an operating system for netbooks, and soon on PCs and Laptops …  Is google chrome a part of Google’s emergence as an Internet monopoly ?

So, I believe, in future, Google Chrome will move forward, and win over Firefox. What do you think ?

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Major Security Issue, Update Now !!

Google has identified  a major security risk to the browser and also added a security update for the browser. Here is more info from Google Chrome’s blog

Severity: Critical. An attacker might be able to run code with the privileges of the logged on user.
If you are using Google Chrome now, what you need to do, is check if your Google Chrome installation is latest.  I have explained how to do this here The version should show “″ for stable version users. If this is not the current version of your browser, you will see an “upgrade” link next to it, click it, and then restart the browser when upgrade is done.
Along with this new security patch, this release also contains
  • A new notification at startup that makes it easier to set Google Chrome as the default browser. If you don’t want Google Chrome to be the default browser, you can click ‘Don’t ask again’.
  • A new version of Gears (

Most of you will have the latest version installed, automatically. Surprised ? What Google

Chrome Fans Blog explains here is so true, the auto update feature really rocks !!

Download and Install Google Chrome for Mac.

Note: This is not an official version. This is not the final product either. So, be careful when you playaround with this.

Today, I found two interesting articles about Google Chrome on Mac. Even though the official Mac Download page for google chrome is just an email sign up form, for updates, there is one way you can install Chrome on your Mac right now. At least for testing purposes. You will need an Intel Mac running Leopard to run Chrome.

There is a list of things that works, and a list of things that does not. Read them carefully before installing or working with it. Now, go ahead and explore the Chrome Mac Version. Good luck !

1. Download Page
2. News On The Guardian

After Comic Books, It’s video time for Chrome

Remember Google Launching Google Chrome with a  comic book ? Now, it’s time for some videos, called “Chromeshots”. Chromeshots consists of 10 short videos about Google Chrome. Now you get to watch all of them HERE Enjoy  !! and, tell me which one is your favorite ….

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