1. Cam

    Firefox has some awesome addons, my favourites are:

    Rikaichan (Japanese – English interactive popup dictionary)
    RefControl (set the referrer on a per site basis)
    User Agent Switcher
    Web Developer (Chris Pederick’s excellent toolbar)
    Firebug (awesome webpage debugger)
    FireGPG (Google Mail encryption support)
    Google Toolbar
    TinyURL Creator (helper for tiny urls)

    Some of those are huge but I think Rikaichan, Flashblock, UserAgent and RefControl would be a good start for Chrome.

    1. thanks for the list .. hope they all will come to Google Chrome also !!

  2. Jeremy Drawas

    We need a Twitter add-on ASAP! …. and send me a Google wave invite?… it’s worth a try.

  3. why all plugins work only for beta version of chrome? Move faster, please :)

  4. @ Jeremy

    tell me your google ID, I will send you wave invitation.

    @ Kestutis

    Your prayers are answered :)

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