How to Reorder Bookmarks in Alphabetical Order on Google Chrome

Managing bookmarks, is something that makes your browser experience better. It makes easier for us to find out something on our bookmarks. Until now, this feature was not available on Google Chrome. On the Dev version that  I am testing now, this feature seems available !! So, this feature wil be added to your browsers very soon.

Here is how to do it.

Click  tools menuon Chrome Tool Bar.
Click “Bookmarks Manager”
Click “Organize”
Click “Reorder By Title”

Update: An easier way to access and manage your bookmarks will be opening chrome://bookmarks/ in your omnibox (address bar). This will take you to the bookmark manager.

That’s it !!

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  • Helen Barbara Gray

    Re: Alphabetizing bookmarks There is no“Reorder By Title” on the “organize” menu of my Google Chrome. Is it only on the “dev” versions? Guess I’ll just be patient and wait till the update happens.

    • chrome story

      that’s correct .. you will be getting this feature with next update …
      now you know how to change it when you have the update !

  • janice Dexter

    My google chrome does not have reorder by title either so how long will it be before we get this? I do find google chrome confusing, but I suppose I will get used to it eventually. I do love the fact that it is a lot faster.

    • if not on the stable version, this feature should be on the beta version now … did you check our post on how to change to beta ? do that, change to beta, and test it again, it should be there

      google chrome is not very confusing, I bet u will find it more easy very soon !! good luck !!

  • janice Dexter

    thanks I will try it.

  • …and yet to other sort options.

    I desperately need a “sort by date” option, with the newest at the top.

    • makes sense ..

    • Reshma

      Hi TimO,
      You must have noticed by now the “recent”option, right at the bottom. It sorts by the day – all the things you starred for that day, with the newest at the top.

  • rickoh

    I want to put my bookmarks in alphabetical order but if I click on tools…..bookmark manager….organize……..the ‘reorder by title’ is grayed out…????????
    any way around this??

    • you might want to try uninstall and reinstall then !

      • rickoh

        helloooo…..I have about a hundred of them….Im not going to uninstal then install them again….


        • sync them using chrome’s inbuilt feature and you will never loose them !

    • Reshma

      Hi Rickoh,
      This is because you have not indicated the folder in which you want to reorder. Just click on any bookmark in the displayed folder/ the folder in the tree view/ left sidebar and try again. If you want to reorder the folders alone, click “Bookmarks Bar” folder in the left sidebar and reorder by title.

    • joanie

      You have to highlight the the “Other Bookmarks” folder in the left column first. Then click on “Organize”

  • rickoh

    hey…never thought of that…..thanks a lot

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  • Len

    I did as instructed, including clicking Organize By Title, but nothing changed in the Favorites.

    • Reshma

      Hi Len,
      This is because you have not indicated the folder in which you want to reorder. Just click on any bookmark in the displayed folder/ the folder in the tree view/ left sidebar and try again. If you want to reorder the folders alone, click “Bookmarks Bar” folder in the left sidebar and reorder by title.

      • Len

        Reshma–I don’t understand what you mean. What folder? I tried it, nonetheless, and and now no Bookmarks bar appears at all.

      • Len

        Reshma–I figured out what you mean. My bookmarks are all in the Other Bookmarks folder (I don’t know why). I reordered them by title. But the Bookmarks bar no longer shows, as I noted earlier.

      • Len

        Reshma–I’m feeling like a dummy. I found the Show Bookmarks bar in Options. I hadn’t unchecked it, which is why I hadn’t looked there earlier. Thanks for your interest and help.

        • Reshma


          I was talking about how to do it in the Bookmark manager, which has no shortcut. In the main post above, the shortcut given is the one to show bookmarks bar(Dino correct it). In the effort to open the bookmark manager using that shortcut, you must have have toggled it off/ hid the bookmarks bar.

          You have all your bookmarks in the other bookmarks folder because you did not specify ” choose another folder” in the ” folder ” drop down menu, in the pop up which is visible after you star a page.

          At first (bcz you are yet to create folders), only two options – bookmarks bar & other bookmarks are available. Select bookmarks bar option. Next, click on any empty space in the bookmarks bar/ bookmarks bar folder in bookmarks manager and select option add folder.

          You can drag and drop your existing folders/bookmarks from other bookmarks folder to the bookmarks bar folder in the bookmarks manager/bookmarks bar.

          I’ ve added some info to my first reply to you –
          If you want to reorder the folders(by name, not contents) alone, click “Bookmarks Bar” folder in the left sidebar and reorder by title.

          • thanks for taking time to explain this in detail and finding my error. I have corrected the post now 🙂

          • Reshma

            Thanks for telling us stories about chrome. 🙂

          • Len

            Reshma–“Other Bookmarks” appears instead of the Bookmarks bar. I have no problem with this. Is there any reason I need to transfer my many bookmarks to “Bookmarks Bar”? (By the way, I find Organize By Title to sometimes miss moving some titles. I had a desktop app I found on Google that organizes Chrome bookmarks, and it always worked perfectly. I deleted it when I found the Chrome organize-by-title, and forget its name.) Thank you.

  • Reshma

    Len- Did you import them from google bookmarks? If you transfer them, you’ll have them displayed side by side – easy to access. Select a folder and highlight a bookmark within it before reordering them.

  • Thomas
  • maxcat

    I Hate Change! Just put my explorer Favorites back! New is not better Geeks.