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How to Open New Tab in Chrome as Blank Page

Update: How do I Get an Empty New Tab Page Please ?

People need more privacy. Opening new tab as a blank page is a popular demand among Google Chrome users. Unfortunately, this is not added as a feature yet. But don’t worry. We have a new workaround for this. A simple shortcut.

1. Type [about:blank] or [“about:blank”);void(0)] into your browser window
2. Make this a bookmark on your bookmark bar
When you open a new tab, click on this bookmark and not the regular new tab button. This will give you a blank tab. It’s that simple !! Go .. try this now !
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    • chrome story

      sorry … :( forgot to do that

  • Chirag

    or switch to ff and just press ‘crtl+T’ 😉

    • chrome story

      I will have to mark you as spam LOL

  • Leif Knudsen

    This is inadequate. It initializes the url field with “about:blank” and places the cursor in front of the text. You have to do a cumbersome select-all+delete to get a blank fields to write your search. If the text had been initially automatically selected so any press of a key had deleted the “about:blank”, it would have been harmless. But no alas.
    In practical terms is’s useless.

    I actually have one pc where I by some strange chance got a setup where pressing new-tab gives a completely empty page and url-field. I just can’t figure out what the setup is and I can’t do it again on my other pc. Darn-it!