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How to Change to Dev Channel, or Beta Channel in Chrome

Upcoming Google Chrome features show up on the developer channel first, and later on the beta channel. Its pretty easy to change channels. Remember that Developer builds, and Beta builds may be a little buggy and may not be suitable for daily use.

Do not use any beta/dev channels as your primary browser.

How to Change  Channel  in Google Chrome




Stable channel

32-bit Ubuntu/Debian

32-bit Fedora/OpenSUSE

64-bit Ubuntu/Debian

64-bit Fedora/Red Hat/OpenSUSE

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  • Chirag

    Will there any addons to Chrome like FF?

    • chrome story

      of course, they are working on it :)

  • Chirag

    Ha ha ha you are too positive.

    • chrome story

      Yes I am :)

  • Bob

    I download the Google Chrome Channel Changer and it tell me key not found Chrome is not installed or is not using Google update for updates I got 5.0.375.55 what’s up