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A Free Ebook For Chrome, Chrome OS and ChromeBook Users

Hi There !

I am very excited to share this free ebook with you all !! It has 100 tips for Chrome, Chrome OS and Chromebook users. I’ve arranged them in 10 categories so that it will be easy and useful for you !

You will find some cool keyboard shortcuts, extensions, themes, Chrome OS tips, and Chromebook only tips inside ! Since I have 100 of them, I am sure that everyone will have a handful of tips to learn today !

I have tried my best to make it easy to understand. Please drop me  a comment with any feedback you have ! And yes, don’t forget to share this page with your friends !!

How To Download Your Copy !

I have made this free for everyone who subscribes to my Blog’s feed. Don’t worry, it’s free too !! Subscribe to my blog’s feed using your favorite RSS reader or subscribe via Email. Now, look at the bottom of any post on my feed, and you will find the download link !!

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How to Download The Ebook After Subscribing

If you have already subscribed to RSS feed of this blog by email or with your reader, here is how to download the ebook. The link is included at the bottom of each blog post from this blog. Here is a screenshot!