A Free Ebook For Chrome, Chrome OS and ChromeBook Users

Hi There !

I am very excited to share this free ebook with you all !! It has 100 tips for Chrome, Chrome OS and Chromebook users. I’ve arranged them in 10 categories so that it will be easy and useful for you !

 A Free Ebook For Chrome, Chrome OS and ChromeBook Users

You will find some cool keyboard shortcuts, extensions, themes, Chrome OS tips, and Chromebook only tips inside ! Since I have 100 of them, I am sure that everyone will have a handful of tips to learn today !

I have tried my best to make it easy to understand. Please drop me  a comment with any feedback you have ! And yes, don’t forget to share this page with your friends !!

How To Download Your Copy !

I have made this free for everyone who subscribes to my Blog’s feed. Don’t worry, it’s free too !! Subscribe to my blog’s feed using your favorite RSS reader or subscribe via Email. Now, look at the bottom of any post on my feed, and you will find the download link !!

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 A Free Ebook For Chrome, Chrome OS and ChromeBook Users

How to Download The Ebook After Subscribing

If you have already subscribed to RSS feed of this blog by email or with your reader, here is how to download the ebook. The link is included at the bottom of each blog post from this blog. Here is a screenshot!

 A Free Ebook For Chrome, Chrome OS and ChromeBook Users
 A Free Ebook For Chrome, Chrome OS and ChromeBook Users

 A Free Ebook For Chrome, Chrome OS and ChromeBook Users


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  1. Looking forward to reading your ebook! I entered my address and clicked subscribe and I already have an RSS feed to your site, but I have not found access to the ebook. What have I done wrong?

  2. Look at the bottom of the post in your RSS reader. The link is there.

  3. The Feed Is Not Working !!!

  4. Great e-book!

    Might I suggest a minor revision- the Photo Zoom extension, under Advanced Options, can disable the Photo Theatre thing as well!

  5. I got subscribed 1 month ago in Chrome Story. When am I going to receive your ebook?

  6. Digital Panda

    19/06/2011 — 4:11 am

    Put it in the Barnes & Noble Nook Book Store! I can send you an ebook version of it if you want.

  7. You… are a real troll. XD

  8. Hey, I’m subscribing using Google Reader and cannot see the eBook. I’ve subscribed a several months ago, last spring.


  9. Fantastic, well done to Dinu and all involved.
    The only things I mighta added are…
    Mention you can Ctrl-+ and Ctrl– to zoom in and out of a page, some of us dont have working mouse wheels ;)
    In the omnibox bit you could mentioned that you can set a web page as a search and a shortcut to quickly open a site from the omnibox.
    And that you can use bookmarklets as custom search engines, I listed some of my favs in an article i sent you a while ago.
    Some things arent listed in the index on the left, such as “Use Omnibox (addressbar) To Make Life Interesting & Easier “.

  10. I receive the following error when I try to subscribe via email. Please help, thanks!

    “The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled”

  11. Very weak. I am sorry but it was too repetitive and too generic.

  12. can’t wait to read your book, looking forward to a better understanding of Chrome!
    thank you, chris

  13. Terry Foster

    24/07/2011 — 8:58 pm

    Subscribed and no book. Unsubscribing now. Seems like a way to get people to join and no book link.

  14. Terry – try this (direct) link to the e-book:

    xxxxx (edited)

  15. Dear Dinu
    You have a great website about Chrome (OS) and I enjoyed reading your e-book. Can’t wait to read your next post.
    All the best

  16. Great ebook! Downloaded a copy, thanks buddy :)

  17. I really enjoyed this book and learned a lot of tips I can use with Google Chrome (and maybe if I buy a Chromebook)
    Very nice and hope you update it with more tips Google creates!

  18. I followed the instructions to subscribe to your blog; now how do I download a free copy of chrome tips?

    • When you get an email from Chromestory each day, at the bottom it will have the download link for 100 Chrome tips.

  19. clyde lerner

    25/08/2011 — 9:01 pm

    no way to download book – please send link!

    feed doesn’t work

  20. Russ Teicheira

    07/09/2011 — 6:36 pm

    On the RSS feed, but don’t see how to get it…

    Android, Chrome & Chromebook user

  21. Hi, I can’t download the ebook. Email sucription I get an error form Feedburner: “Feed dosen’t haver mail enabled”
    Th RSS, dosen’t shows me nothing in the footer area, any link to donwload.

  22. hey, i can’t find the link to download the ebook :( what should i do? thanks :)

  23. I have subscribed but I can’t find the link. Could you please send it to me.

  24. Link please!!

  25. hey i subscribed by email and i cant seem to view the book. any help?

  26. Hey Dinu,

    You really need to update this sometime… (Not only with new chrome features but also the cover because their has been a new chrome logo since then. :D)

    I don’t care if you through some of my stuff about Chromebooks in an updated version!

    Although if you do update it, It may no longer be only 100 tips so you may have to come up with a new name!

    My Suggestion: Complete Tips for Chrome, Chromium, and Chromebooks

  27. I’ve subscribed by e-mail and RSS and I can’t find the link in either. I love the articles, but I’d love to download your 100 Tip e-book.


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