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Buy Moto X from Republic Wireless and Get a free Chromecast

Do you love Chromecast and Android phones, say, a Moto X? Well, good news for you. Starting today, with every purchase of a new Moto X from, you will get a Google Chromecast - a $35 value - free while supplies last. Here is the official announcement: Calling all cord-cutters, tech-savvy savers, kickstarters, and folks [...]

HP Chromebox Combo with Monitor and Wireless Keyboard & Mouse for $339.97

LG has a Chromebase. HP needs something similar. They put together something with their existing Chromebox and a monitor along with a wireless mouse and keyboard. They call it HP Chromebox CB1-010 Bundle. Official literature : Your living room PC delivers your Google world. Transform virtually any monitor or TV with the next-generation HP Chromebox. Access [...]

Google’s Chromebook Ads for the “Back to School” Season

It's back to school season in the USA, Google has released these 3 new video ads targeting the biggest Chromebooks fans out there, students. Here are they, for your viewing pleasure! The new ads follow the same "For Everyone" theme, tuned a bit to suit students. All that a student needs in a laptop, they say.

“Hexa” Chromebooks Now Shipping from Amazon. Touchscreen Model Coming Soon?

Canada based "Hexa" announced Chromebooks back in May and they are now available on their website and Amazon. The Chromebook, named Hexa Chromebook Pi, is available for $$295.59 on Hexa's website and $254.00 + shipping on Amazon. Intel® Bay Trail-M Dual Processor Cores; N2830 1.7GHz 11.6" Display HD 1366 x 768 resolution (200-nit) TN 16:9 aspect [...]

“Green Mahjong” for Chrome, a Game App That Works Offline Too

I am not a gamer, I have said this hundred times here. So, here is a game that a friend recommended that I share with you all. I will stick to the official literature as usual :) Green Mahjong is a solitaire Mahjong game. The goal is to match open pairs of identical tiles and remove [...]

Dell Announces Chromebook 11 Variant with Intel i3 Processor

Dell probably did not expect Chromebook 11 to be a success that it has become now. They had to pull it off the shelves to get things going smooth for the education market that they made it for. Now, by launching an i3 variant of the same Chromebook, Dell has responded to this unexpected success [...]

Better Fonts, Project Athena and Other Chrome News #chromeweekender

I have always wanted to do a regular weekly episode of miscellaneous Chrome news. I did try a couple of times, and it did not go regular. And here I am, trying it again, writing this from an awesome co-working space that I decided to check out this weekend. Here is my desk, like, now. [...]

Watch This Developer Explain How he Hacked Into His Neighbour’s Chromecast and Trolled Them

Dan Petro is  a whitehat at security consultancy Bishop Fox. Using a Pi, a couple of wifi cards and a touchscreen – along with Aircrack (open-source WEP and WPA-PSK-cracking software) watch him take advantage of a bug in the way Chromecast recognises wifi, take over a Wifi network and Chromecast. He calls it "Rickrolling" and his device "Rickmote". Note: [...]

Handwriting Recognition Mode Comes to Chromebooks

As part of the on-screen keyboard, Chrome OS now has a nifty handwriting recognition mode thanks to the Googe Input Tools API. This is an experimental feature for now, available only on the developer channel, Google's François Beaufort says. One more thing. Since this uses the Google Input API as I said earlier, this will work only [...]

Chromecast now available from Google Play in Ireland

Great news for Chromecast fans from Ireland, Google is now selling Chromecast through Play Store there. Here is the official announcement from Google Play on Google Plus: Ireland, time to play your heart out! Your favorite films are now available on Google Play. Stream hits like +The LEGO Movie instantly on the web or your Android or [...]