Pocket Casts’ Web Player and “Solid Explorer” File Manager Adds Chromecast Support

We have two more apps adding Chromecast or Google Cast support this week. Web version of my favorite podcast app Pocket Casts and Solid Explorer, a file manager app. For Pocket Casts, this is the first update to their web version after the initial launch. It is always fun to read their change logs. Here […] Continue Reading


Cyanogen Has A New Chromium Based Android Browser, Gello

Cyanogen is making an new browser for Android. Why is that making news on Chrome Story? Because the new browser, Gello, is built on the open source project behind Chrome, Chromium. Android Police reports that the new browser has an interface that can be customized by users, site by site privacy controls,  night mode and […] Continue Reading


HP Announces Chromebook 11 G4, Now Starts from $199

The 4th generation of Chromebook 11 from HP is here. It now has a better starting price and a bunch of configuration options. There isn't anything about the design that you will notice on the new model. I will still say that the first generation Chromebook 11 had a better design though. The $199 base model […] Continue Reading


Chromecast Update Puts Some Users In Beta Channel

The latest update had a surprise for Chromecast users, at least for few of them. They were moved to a beta channel of Chromecast. Build=1.14.32904, IP=192.168.x.xx, Channel=beta-channel, the update reads.  Apart from breaking some apps, this builds adds  the above message on the bottom of the screen. However, the app crashes may not be related to […] Continue Reading


Google Payments are Now Fully Integrated with Chrome Autofill

While Android team is busy with Android Pay, the Chrome team is perfecting Chrome Autofill to store and use credit cards easily. Will there be a bridge between these two at some point, we do not know. François Beaufort reports that Google Payments are now fully integrated with Chrome's autofill.  To enable, check the new "Show addresses […] Continue Reading


Microsoft OneDrive App for Android Gets Chromecast Support

Microsoft has updated their OneDrive app for Android with Chromecast support (or Google Cast support actually). You can now cast photos and videos from your OneDrive account to your Chromecast connected TV. The What's New section of the Version 3.2.0 releases announces this feature as "Cast your photos and videos to your TV with Chromecast."   […] Continue Reading

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Use Shift Key To Select and Move Multiple Tabs in Chrome

Here is a fancy plus useful feature that came out with the initial version of Google Chrome; the ability to drag and drop browser tabs to rearrange them or create a separate window. I used this feature while introducing the new browser to my friends, all the time. Now, here is a quick tip around […] Continue Reading


This Chrome Extension Lets You Search YouTube Without Closing Your Current Video

If you spend a lot of time on YouTube, or YouTube is your go-to music service, I have an extension that you'll appreciate a lot. Seek 'n Play is a Chrome extension that lets you search for another one while playing a YouTube video. A question before we start, don't you think this should be an inbuilt feature […] Continue Reading


Asus Chromebook Flip C100 Is Now Available On Amazon ($249)

The much awaited Asus Chromebook Flip, the $249 Chromebook with convertible screen and Rockchip processor is now available on Amazon. There are only limited units available at the moment though. You can buy Asus Chromebook Flip here. (Affiliate link). Here is a recap of the specs again, to help you make that decision! Screen Size 10.1 […] Continue Reading


Acer’s Convertible Chromebook Running Intel Braswell Leaks

It's been a while since we had any exciting new Chromebook releases or leaks. Here is a possible candidate. Acer Chromebook C738T  is a convertible, with a screen that can rotate 360 degrees to looks like a tablet. Another novelty is the processor. The C738T is powered by  Intel Celeron N3150, a quad-core chip running at […] Continue Reading


“Open With Firefox” Sends Web Pages from Chrome to Firefox

Here is an interesting Chrome extension, one that lets you open links using Firefox. A useful one for those who use Chrome and Firefox simultaneously. The extension adds a (you guessed it correct!) Firefox icon to your Chrome toolbar. When you are on any web page, click this icon to open the same page using […] Continue Reading


Chrome Easter Egg T-Rex Game Updated, Now Features Pterodactylus

Remember the Chrome Easter Egg that lets you play a game when your internet connection is down? Chrome team has updated the game an additional character, Pterodactylus! (I had to Google that one up, btw) The game still works the same way, when your internet is down, you will see a  T-Rex on the network error page. Click on […] Continue Reading

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Meet “Adblock Plus for Administrators” – Large Scale Deployments of ABP For Organizations

There is big news this morning from Adblock Plus, one of the most popular Chrome extensions. Adblock Plus now supports mass deployments, which will help organizations install the extension on their entire fleet of computers. They are calling it Adblock for Administrators (they used to call it  LSD project, short for Large Scale Deployment!) With […] Continue Reading


Looks Like Chrome Web Store Logo Is Getting A Makeover!

Looks like there is an updated design is incoming for the Chrome Web Store logo. Spotted by OMG Chrome, the new logo which has some Material Design touch to it, is not live yet on the Chrome Web Store, but other web properties have slowly started switching to the new one. The official Chromebook website features […] Continue Reading

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Google To Make Chrome Be Nicer to Your Mac’s Battery

Google (also) agrees that Chrome for Mac needs some work when it comes to playing nice with battery. Safari excels in this area, so Google has some pressure on them. Along with the recent announcement about battery efficient Chrome, Google is working on several things aiming for battery efficiency on Mac. Googler Peter Kasting announced on Google […] Continue Reading


Google Chrome’s Pinterest Style Bookmarks Manager Becomes Optional, Old Design Comes Back

Google has cancelled to make the new bookmarks manager design default. Users can still download the new design as an extension from the Chrome Web Store. And that means, the old bookmarks manager design is coming back! An upcoming update will switch the default design to the old one. Here is the official announcement from […] Continue Reading


Chrome OS Download Status Bar Redesigned As a Card In The Notification Center

Chrome OS is getting rid of the download progress bar. No longer wasting those precious pixels on the bottom of your screen while a download is in progress. No more moving your cursor around to close the progress bar after each download. Meet the new download progress card in the notification center: This is currently […] Continue Reading