Google Chrome on Windows 10

Hello World! This is my first blog post from Windows 10. The Technical Preview came out yesterday and I have it installed on my PC, and yes, Google Chrome was the first thing that I installed on the Windows 10.

Downloading Google Chrome for Windows 10

It is just the same Google Chrome browser that you download from The download and install went pretty smooth. I use Chromesync, so getting everything back, including my extensions and passwords was easy, and smooth.

chrome windows 10  Google Chrome on Windows 10

Windows 8 Mode or Metro Mode

Yes, we still have the “Relaunch Chrome in Windows 8 Mode”.  It gives us the Metro Mode Chrome, but this time on Windows 10, I still see the Windows Task Bar  at the bottom.

I think that’s how Microsoft wanted it to look, because I can see the task bar when I use other Metro apps. May be this is a bug that they are yet to fix?

chrome windows 10  Google Chrome on Windows 10

We’ll find out soon!

I am yet to find anything Windows 10 specific for Google Chrome, but I’ll keep looking. That’ll give me a reason to use my PC once in a while I guess!

Upgrading from Windows 81.

Upgrading Windows from 8.1 to 10 Technical Preview also went pretty smooth. I copied the ISO that I downloaded to a  USB, double clicked to extract it, and launched the setup file.

I was up and running on Windows 10 Technical Preview within 15 minutes, and I had my files and apps untouched.

Are you guys planning to test Windows 10? I would like to hear about your experience too!

Flix Plus is a Chrome Extension that Customizes Netflix and Adds Keyboard Shortcuts

Flix Plus is a Chrome Extension from Lifehacker, adding keyboard shortcuts to Netflix, along with a bunch of customization options.

It includes 22 tweaks that can be turned on or off individually. Here is a few from the official literature:

chrome extensions  Flix Plus is a Chrome Extension that Customizes Netflix and Adds Keyboard Shortcuts

* Makes it easier to navigate Netflix’s suggestions. You can hide or fade out shows you have watched, rated, or that are listed multiple times, hide entire sections and show entire sections at once by removing the scrolling.

* Hides episode spoiler images and text, and stops Netflix from shrinking your screen during the credits. (Requires HTML5 player.)

* Lets you rate shows by half star

* Adds keyboard controls to navigate most of the site. Press “?” for a list.

* Enhances the “My List” page (for those who still have the older version) with improved sorting controls, ability to write a note saying why you added a movie, showing box images, and highlighting titles that will expire soon.

* Allows you to hide Facebook recommendations, as well as hide the top prompt to rate/recommend what you just watched.

* Adds a “Darker Netflix” theme that styles Netflix in black, perfect for night viewing

* Export your ratings to a JSON file.

If you are a Netflix user looking for some customization and control, download this extension from here.

This Firefox OS Powered Chromecast Competitor Costs $25

Matchstick is a KickStarter project which uses Firefox OS’s recently announced Google Cast like capabilities. The device lets you “fling” content from Firefox, Chrome (yes!) or other supporting apps to your TV.

Matchstick looks a lot like Chromecast (the “fling” icon is the same Cast icon from Chromecast)  but the hardware packs a little more power than Chromecast. A dual-core Rockchip 3066 processor, 4GB onboard storage , and 1GB of DDR3 memory.

chrome news  This Firefox OS Powered Chromecast Competitor Costs $25

The team is vouching on Firefox OS’ “OPEN hardware and software platform” philosophy and promises more apps and content providers on the platform soon.

There are already hundreds of apps in the Mozilla app store, and as the developer program ramps up many of those apps and hundreds of new apps will become available on the Matchstick app store.

At launch, the Matchstick team will deliver a core set of content for Matchstick that will let you find the most popular movies, TV, and music. Apps like Netflix, HBO Go, Pandora, and others ensure great content right out of the box! And as our developer community grows, new apps will become available, giving users access to a constant flow of new content and experiences for Matchstick.”

You can find more about this project and back this at KickStarter.

Two Months Free Hulu Plus For New Chromecast Customers #deal

Google is giving away two months of free Hulu Plus subscription to new Chromecast customers in the US.

At $35, Chromecast is already affordable, and a $16 worth free subscription makes the purchase even more attractive!

Existing Chromecast owners cannot claim this offer, but if you recently bought one, go to to claim this offer.

chromecast  Two Months Free Hulu Plus For New Chromecast Customers #deal


Adobe Brings Photoshop to Chromebooks, Complete with Google Drive Integration!

I used to joke that when Chrome OS was first announced, the world was full of photoshop users. Everyone said, “I am not buying it because it can’t run Photoshop”

Chromebooks managed to capture a decent market share without Photoshop or any other Adobe apps. But today, this is changing.

chromebook  Adobe Brings Photoshop to Chromebooks, Complete with Google Drive Integration!

Chromebooks CAN now run Photoshop. And more Adobe apps from the  Creative Cloud is incoming too.

This streaming version of Photoshop is designed to run straight from the cloud to your Chromebook. It’s always up-to-date and fully integrated with Google Drive, so there’s no need to download and re-upload files—just save your art directly from Photoshop to the cloud. For IT administrators, it’s easy to manage, with no long client installation and one-click deployment to your team’s Chromebooks.”

“Streaming” Means No Offline Support

Note that this is “streaming” version of Photoshop, and that means you will need a working internet connection to run this on your Chromebook. Since Chromebooks are expected to be online most of the times, this may not be an issue for most of us. But do not assume that this is a Chrome app that works offline too!

You’ll Need a Fast Connection!

Here’s what you’ll need to get this working:

  • Network requirements – 5 mbps /max latency 250
  • Screen resolution – no limitations
  • Minimum browser – Chrome version 35
  • Minimum Chromebook – current generation within the last two years

If you are interested head to to apply for access!.

via Chrome Blog. (Don’t forget to read the author’s bio chromebook  Adobe Brings Photoshop to Chromebooks, Complete with Google Drive Integration! )

Chrome OS Gets a New Battery Usage Tracker for Apps and Websites

Here is a cool new feature Google added to Chrome OS. Just like your Android phone or tablet, Chromebooks can now tell you which app or website is draining battery.

Each website/app shows a battery usage percentage. Clicking on it opens the Detailed Settings page where you can stop the website/app by simply clicking on the “Stop” button, says François Beaufort

Here is how it looks like:

chromebook  Chrome OS Gets a New Battery Usage Tracker for Apps and Websites

This is available only on the Dev channel for now, and may not always work as expected. I got a blank screen when I tested this. Few more weeks, and we will see this landing on the Beta and Stable channels!

Storage Per App/Website

Right next to this new battery setting is the “Storage” button, which might be new, I am not 100% sure, shows storage each app or website is using on your Chromebook. This is also going to be useful while trying to figure out certain issues with your Chromebook.

If your Chromebook is experiencing battery draining issues, this is your chance to investigate and figure out what’s draining the battery the most.

Chrome Will Soon Let You Mute Individual Tabs #chromeweekender

Hi guys! Happy Saturday to you all! I am excited. I am going to buy a Chromecast (too late to the party!) and an HDMI to VGA converter to set it up with my PC monitor. I will update you all soon about how this goes!

chrome news  Chrome Will Soon Let You Mute Individual Tabs #chromeweekender

This week’s list. I have started adding interesting Chrome commits that I noticed during the past week.

Now, here is a video for developers, some cool tricks using the Chrome developer tool.

3 New Chromecast Ads from Google #video

Google released 3 new video ads for Chromecast yesterday. Watch them here!

chromecast  3 New Chromecast Ads from Google #video

Enjoy and share!

IT Admins Can Soon Set Policies on Chrome for Android and iOS

Google is extending the enterprise friendly features of Chrome to the mobile versions of the browser.

At present, IT admins can set enterprise policies for Chrome users on Windows, Mac and Linux. A recent announcement from Google states that this feature is coming to Chrome for iOS and Android too.

chrome news  IT Admins Can Soon Set Policies on Chrome for Android and iOS

Since April 2013, admins have had the capability to set 100+ Chrome policies for users on Chrome Devices, Windows, Mac, and Linux when they sign-in to Chrome with their Google Apps account.

Today we are providing an early preview of applying some of these same policies to Chrome on Android and iOS as well. For example, you set bookmarks through the Managed Bookmarks setting on Google Admin console and it gets pushed to Chrome on all 6 platforms, including mobile. Similarly, you can set the Proxy policy or the Password Manager policy once and it will apply on Chrome on all 6 platforms. For more information on how to turn on this early preview feature, please see the link below.

For more information:
Apply policies to Chrome on Android and iOS

via Google Apps Updates Blog.

Chrome’s Latest Easter Egg is an Offline T-Rex is Game On Its Network Error Page

Easter Eggs are not new to us Chromies. We have seen some interesting stuff in the past. The latest addition to this list is this cool game that the team has added to Chrome’s network error page.

This is currently available only on Chromium (and Canary) but when this lands in Chrome, you can play a game when your internet connection is down, right there on that error page. Just press the Tab key to start playing!

chrome news  Chromes Latest Easter Egg is an Offline T Rex is Game On Its Network Error Page

OMG Chrome reports: “Like other endless runner games the goal is simple: run as far as you can, for as long as you can, until you crash. You’ll need to keep mashing the space bar on your keyboard to help the T-Rex clear the conveyor belt of variously spaced, differently sized cacti”

Can’t wait to try this one! ( Yes, I am waiting for this to show up in the Dev channel that I run on my Chromebook. Too lazy to boot up my Windows PC these days!)

via François Beaufort