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How-To Change Android App Permissions on Chromebook

Screenshot 2016-06-30 at 20.43.09

If you're an Asus Flip owner, chances are you've switched your device to the Dev channel, and downloaded a few Android apps. I myself have an Asus Flip in my possession (temporarily) and have had a pretty pleasant experience so far with running Android apps. One thing many people have expressed concern about is whether […] Read More

Facebook Redesigns Like Plugin; Launches Share and Save Chrome Extensions

fb old

The most popular social networking platform, Facebook has announced the launch of two new Chrome extensions and an update in the Social Plugin buttons to make it much more easier to share, save and engage with the content that appear on Facebook. The Like button is going to be transformed to the thumbs up icon, […] Read More

Google introduces Quizzes in apps, Google Cast for education, Cardboard expeditions


The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) 2016 conference saw Google introducing some new tools for education which are going to be quite interesting for teachers and the student community. Google Expeditions app The expeditions app was launched for free and comes with Google Expedition kits. The application helps a classroom go on field trips to remote locations around the world using […] Read More

Google Survey Mentions “Chromebook Pro”


A Reddit user reports that one of the Google Survey's that he was sent mentions "Chromebook Pro". "They asked what a Chromebook Pro should be like in my opinion and what type of people would want to use it. They also asked what the differences between a normal Chromebook and a Chromebook Pro would be." […] Read More

HP Chromebook 11 G5 is Officially Out For Sale

hp_chromebook_11_g5_1 (1)

A few days after the leaked email from HP on their latest addition to the Chromebook series, HP Chromebook 11 G5 is finally for sale in the market. And this time, it's official. Most important specifications of the Chromebook are given below for a quick look. Intel® Celeron® Braswell Processor which promises easy and cheap […] Read More

Hands-On with Asus Flip, and the Google Play Store


It's finally happened, we here at Chromestory have finally got our hands on an Asus Chromebook Flip. That means we finally have the opportunity to see what all this Android on Chromebooks hub bub is all about. The first thing I noticed of course was the Play Store icon on my shelf, which I cannot remove. […] Read More

End Of Life Notification, Material Design History Page and More In Latest Chrome OS Dev Release


Chrome OS Dev channel release version 53 has some interesting changes worth sharing. Here are a few of them! Remember the announcement that the first commercial Chromebooks are nearing end of life? Chrome OS is gearing up for that announcement with a new end of life notification flag. The newly introduced flag, chrome://flags/#enable-eol-notification says: Enable Notifcation when Device […] Read More

Lagom – A Simple Homepage for your Browser


A simple rotating tab page for your browser, Lagom, is a minimalist homepage. It features one new simple homepage every day. Comes with the most essential features- time, date, local weather information, and a Google search bar with a flawless design. Currently compatible with Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, Lagom is available as a plain web […] Read More

How Much Storage Do I Have Left On My Chromebook?

Available storage

Have you ever wondered how much storage you had left on your Chromebook? Well, you've always been able to tell, by opening the Files app and clicking on the options icon. But now, if you're on the Developer channel, you can enable a flag which will give you a Storage option in your Chrome settings […] Read More

Asus Chromebook on Developer Channel, but no Google Play Store? Read This.


Google recently announced at their Developer I/O conference that they were bringing the Google Play Store (Android apps) to Chromebooks. They told us that the Asus Chromebook Flip, Acer R11, and 2015 Google Pixel would all receive the goods first, on version 53 of the Developer channel. Much to the disappointment of Pixel and Rll […] Read More

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