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Toshiba Chromebook 2 – 2015 Review


Toshiba Chromebook 2 2015 is my 4th Chromebook if you do not count the Dell netbook I installed Chromium OS on. Why did I choose this Chromebook to my next? How do I feel about this decision after a few weeks I bought the Toshiba Chromebook 2 - 2015 Edition CB35-C3350. Powering this Chromebook is an […] Read More

Asus C301 Chromebook To Hit The Market Soon


After the success of Asus Chromebook C201, soon to hit the market is its 13 inch C301 Chromebook with 1080p Full HD display. Considering Asus’s background in investing quite a bit in Chromebook categories, people look forward to its new innovation in its fairly wide product range. The new Asus Chromebook C301 with Google’s Chrome […] Read More

How Much Available Memory Do I Have on my Chromebook?

Screenshot 2016-05-26 at 2.12.45 PM

If you're like me, you like to have lots of tabs open. I mean lots. I typically have 30-40 tabs open on my Chromebook Pixel, which has an i5 Broadwell processor, and 8GB of RAM. My work computer though, is an Asus Chromebox with an i3 Haswell, and 4GB of RAM, and lately while driving […] Read More

Polaroid Announces Smart TVs With 4K and Google Cast


Polaroid, yes, the camera maker Polaroid is making smart TVs. And their first set of TVs come with Google Cast support. Polaroid's first set of smart TVs will be available in 43”, 50”, 55” and 65” this summer, starting at $499. A 75” model will be available Q4 2016 with an MSRP of $1899.99. “We’re excited to announce we […] Read More

Android N Lets You View Two Chrome Windows At The Same Time


Android N's multi-window support was one of the most talked about features when the preview build came out a few weeks agao. With Preview 3, Android N can show two Chrome windows side by side. Earlier, if you wanted to view two webpages side by side using Android N's multi-window support, you will open the […] Read More

What The Heck Is “Neyyappam” For Android N?


I am stepping in with an Android post on this Chrome OS blog (well, we are related now anyways) to explain what Neyyappam for Android N is. There is a lot of fuss around Neyyappam and Indians rooting for it to become the code name of Android N. As someone who has personal connection with […] Read More

YouTube’s Android App Gets A Redesigned Chromecast Queue


The YouTube Chromecast queue on Android is getting a facelift. Along with the subtle redesign, there are couple of useful tweaks to the interface as well. Half of my Chromecast time is spent between Netflix and YouTube. That makes me keep an eye on any small change that make to the way it looks or […] Read More

Adobe Is Excited To Bring Their Android Apps To Chromebooks


Industry has started responding to Google's announcement of Android Apps on Chromebooks. Adobe, in a blog post announced that they are exicted about Android Apps on Chromeobook and will optimize their apps for better experience on Chrome OS. Yes, we are all excited. In a recent poll over at Droid Life, 67% responded Yes to […] Read More

Android on Chromebooks: Goodbye ARC, hello Containers


Yesterday we told you that Android apps coming to Chromebooks was official, based off of an announcement on Google's official Chrome blog. Today I'm here to tell you that Android apps coming to Chromebooks is now super official, as there was an entire session dedicated to it at Google's I/O Developer conference. It doesn't get more […] Read More

Hit Backspace By Mistake While Filling An Online Form? Chrome Wants To Fix That!


Ever pressed backspace while filling an online form and had your browser take you to the previous page in your browsing history? Well, Google Chrome wants to fix that, by dropping support for backspace key to navigate. I have had many instances where I accidentally hit the backspace key and lost my form data. This […] Read More

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