Making Chrome Bookmark Apps Look Better

Have you used the drag-and-drop method to create apps out of your bookmarks? (They are just glorified bookmarks but for those who love using Chrome apps menu, it is a pretty useful feature.). If you did, you would have noticed that they don't look that pretty on the apps menu. The Chrome team is doing something to [...]

Chrome to Force Usage of HTTPS for Google Services

In a move to strengthen security, Google Chrome will soon force HTTPS protocol for all Google services. This change has been added to Chromium for now, and we should see this in action on Chrome dev channel very soon. There will not be any visible change for users with this change though. From the commit log: [...]

Chromebooks to Get MTP Mount Support. Ready to Connect Android Devices as USB Storage?

This. just. happened. Chromebook users have been complaining about missing a direct way to transfer files between their Android devices and Chromebooks. There were AidDroiding and other workarounds, but we were not satisfied. But this morning, I noticed a code commit that will add MTP mount support to the Chrome OS Files app. With this change, [...]

Copy, Edit, Delete or Translate Text on Any Image Using This Extension

Note: If you are a meme maker, meme lover or meme editor, stop reading for now, and grab the download link from the bottom of this article and install this extension. I have done this a few times. Download an image from the web with some text on it, and spend about an hour trying [...]

“Google Stars” – A Content Curation Service Built Into Chrome

Good morning. Here is your rumor for the day. Google+ user Florian Kiersch has discovered a new Google product called Stars from underneath source code for Google Collections. It is always exciting to read about an upcoming Google product, but this one is special here at Chrome Story because this product seems to be built right into Chrome, [...]

Bitcasa for Android Now Supports Chromecast

Bitcasa today officially added Chromecast support. The Android app for Bitcasa has been updated with Chromecast support, the company said in a blogpost. At Bitcasa, we’re committed to making all your content-viewing dreams come true… one device at a time. Today, we’re excited to share that our latest Android update will include our first step [...]

CloudCaster Casts Videos Directly From Your Cloud Accounts

CloudCaster is going to be one of the must-haves for Chromecast users. This new Android app promises to send videos from your cloud service accounts directly to your Chromecast connected TV. And it supports over 23 different sources, covering most of the popular cloud storage services. Pictures, Video and Audio are supported. Here is the list [...]

Samsung Chromebook 2 Unboxing and Video Review

Samsung Chromebook 2 has not started shipping yet. But that doesn't stop us from watching unboxing and review videos. Here is couple of videos for those who are eagerly waiting for this new ARM based Chromebook.   Category Details 11.6-inch Samsung Chromebook 2 13.3-inch Samsung Chromebook 2 Display Size 11.6” 13.3” Resolution HD LED Display [...]

“Enjoy Music Player” Combines Local and Online Music on Your Chromebook

Enjoy Music Player is a music player app for Chromebook, (and Chrome on your PC or Mac) with a difference. It brings together your local music and music from the web. It is a music player, and a search engine and an aggregator. You can even use your phone to control the music. My favorite though [...]

Google Releases Chrome Remote Desktop App for Android

It is finally here. Google today released the official Chrome Remote Desktop app for Android. We have already discussed what it does, but here is a quick recap of its features, the official version. Chrome Remote Desktop allows users to remotely access another computer through Chrome browser or a Chromebook (now Android).  Computers can be [...]