Blipshot for Chrome Makes Full Page Screenshots with a Single Click

If you read one of recent posts and uninstalled the Awesome Screenshot extension, here is one alternative that you can try. This however does not offer all those features, but if you are into making full page screenshots (full, including the scroll) this extension is the right pick.

Official literature:

Blipshot is a one-click screenshot extension: just click on the icon and the page screenshot will be created: you can then drag’n’drop it wherever you want.
Why wasting time if you just want a screenshot? chrome extensions  Blipshot for Chrome Makes Full Page Screenshots with a Single Click

This extension is from Davide Casali of Automattic, the company I would LOVE to work for (they make WordPress among other cool stuff). So, I can safely recommend this one as Matt did.

chrome extensions  Blipshot for Chrome Makes Full Page Screenshots with a Single Click

So again, if you are into full page screenshots, install Blipshot from here.


Google Cast Extension for Chrome Beta Now Casts in 1080p

The Beta version of the Google Cast extension for Chrome has been updated with 1080p support. If you have a powerful computer and a good network connection, tab casting will look a lot better with this change.

From the official announcement:

The latest version of the beta extension (version 14.826.0.4) has an additional section on the options page that offers a higher level of control over tab casting.  These settings are really for those who want to experiment with what works best – if they seem confusing, you are perfectly safe in ignoring them!  The available settings are as follows:

chromecast  Google Cast Extension for Chrome Beta Now Casts in 1080p

Now, the resolution control:

Resolution – This controls the resolution of the video stream sent to Chromecast. Until now, the built-in settings (Standard, High, and Extreme) only enabled 854 x 480 and 1280 x 720 to be supported. If you’ve got a powerful computer, you can now push this up to 1920 x 1080. This can also work well if you use tab casting primarily when browsing the web, or for viewing photos, where detail is more important than smoothness. Note that while it’s always tempting to run at the highest settings, if your computer’s display is lower than 1920 x 1080, you’ll get little benefit from choosing this setting.

If you have never heard of the Google Cast extension: The Google Cast extension enables you to find and play content on your Chromecast device from your Chrome browser.

A note to those who are using the stable version of this extension, if you want to switch to the beta version, you must uninstall the stable version before installing the beta.

via Google Product Forums

The Week of 64 Bit #Chromeweekender

I call this week the 64-bit week in Chrome.  Google has released 64 bit of Chrome for Windows and Mac OSX. With that, let me start this weekend’s list of Chrome news!

chrome news  The Week of 64 Bit #Chromeweekender

YouTube Now Lets You Queue Videos to Your Chromecast

Google has updated YouYube to let you all add videos to a casting Queue. Next time you have a video playing on the Chromecast connected TV, and there are a bunch of browser tabs open with videos that you want to send to Chromecast after you finish watching the current one, look for + TV Queue. This creates a queue of videos on your Chromecast.

Here is the official YouTube announcement from Google Plus:

Are you casting from to your TV and lost in a sea of browser tabs? Good news, matey. Now you can keep playing a video as you browse and queue the next ones to play – all in one tab.

 Cast Playlists

chromecast  YouTube Now Lets You Queue Videos to Your Chromecast

In a post reporting this news, The Next Web says that YouTube i adding Chromecast support to Playlists as well. This is an awesome news (I couldn’t find this mentioned in the official announcement though). I will update this post if I get some kind of confirmation on this.

Toshiba CB30-007 is a New 13″ Bay Trail Chromebook

The CB30-007  comes with a  lower-power, but fan-less Celeron N2830 Bay Trail chip.  And yes, better battery life, moving from  9.5 hours of the Haswell model to 10.5 hours.

This new Chromebook appeared on the Toshiba Australia website but has no price on the listing yet.

Apart from the Bay Trail processor, Toshiba Chromebook CB30-007 features a 13.3 inch, 1366 x 768 pixel matte display, 2GB of RAM (Not upgradable), and 16GB of storage. There’s a USB 3.0 port, a USB 2.0 port, an SD card reader, 802.11ac WiFi, and Bluetooth 4.0.

The New Chromebooks looks similar to the rest of Toshiba Chromebooks. Here is a picture.

chromebook  Toshiba CB30 007 is a New 13 Bay Trail Chromebook

We will have to wait and see if this eventually makes it to US and European markets, and what the price will be if  it does.

via OMG Chrome.


Acer C720 Chromebook is Back on Amazon with a Discount, $179.00 for Haswell + 2GB

This is as cheap as a Haswell Chromebook can get. The Acer C720 , which was missing from Amazon for a while, is back in stock, with a discount. The Chromebook is back with $20.99 (10%) discount from its original price of $199, dropping it to $179.00 with free shipping.

chromebook  Acer C720 Chromebook is Back on Amazon with a Discount, $179.00 for Haswell + 2GB

You get a decent Chromebook with the Haswell processor of 1.4 GHz, 2 GB RAM and the standard 16GB SSD for storage.

Here is  recap of the specs:

  • Screen Size 11.6 inches
  • Screen Resolution 1366 x 768
  • Max Screen Resolution 720 pixels
  • Processor 1.4 GHz Intel Celeron
  • Memory Speed 1333.00
  • Hard Drive 16 GB flash_memory_solid_state
  • Graphics Coprocessor Intel HD Graphics
  • Chipset Brand Intel
  • Graphics Card Ram Size 128 MB
  • Wireless Type 802.11 a/b/g/n
  • Number of USB 2.0 Ports 1
  • Number of USB 3.0 Ports 1
  • Average Battery Life (in hours) 8.5 hours

If you have been reluctant to buy Chromebooks, this is one reason to give them a try. You can buy this Chromebook from here. (affiliate link)

via Brent Sullivan

DashNotes Pins Text, Images, And Pages To The New Tab Page

We have done so many things to our new tab pages. We made it minimal, we made it look like iOS and Windows 8. We had tasks there and we had inspirational quotes and more.

Now, here is an extension that will let you use it more like a Pinterest board. A Chrome extension that lets you pin text, images or pages to your new tab page.

DashNotes is a quick and easy way to pin text, images, and pages to your new tab page. Now all of your gathered notes can be accessible right away.

DashNotes comes with the ability to save text, images, and even links to pages. It’s perfect for school, research, and casual browsing.

DashNotes stores all of your notes on your computer. Not on the cloud. Not with us. Not with the NSA. It’s only accessible on your computer.

We all want to see beautiful pictures whenever we can. Well, whenever you open a new tab, you’ll see a beautiful crisp picture that will take your breath away.


The extension saves your data locally on your computer. Security. It puts images front and center. Beauty. It lets you select text on webpages, right click and send directly to your new tab page. Utility and ease of use.

chrome news  DashNotes Pins Text, Images, And Pages To The New Tab Page chrome news  DashNotes Pins Text, Images, And Pages To The New Tab Page

It supports gift, and you can have animated gifs right on your new tab page, every time you open one!

You can resize notes you collected and adjust the content easily. It downloads and updates the backgrounds giving me fresh images each time I open a new tab.

For me, that’s enough reasons to give this one a try! You should too! Download from here.

AllCast Receiver for Chrome Gets Android Screen Mirroring

AllCast Receiver for Chrome is an app that makes your Chromebook or any computer with Chrome a Chromecast receiver. The recent update to this app has added screen mirroring.  Exciting to 23k plus users who have installed this app, and super exciting to those who do not own a Chromecast yet!

Also, the free version gets rid of that pesky 10-minute streaming limit to Chromecasts . The developer, Koushik Dutta has replaced that limitation with a watermark.

The update also brings new features like “Recent” section for recently watched content,  a new transcoding engine, improved proxy server for devices like the Roku etc.

chromecast  AllCast Receiver for Chrome Gets Android Screen Mirroring

You can download the Chrome App from here. If you do not have AllCast for Android installed, download it from here.

Chrome Admin Console Now Lets You Push or Manage Bookmarks Remotely

Admin Console, a control panel available to those who have subscribed the Chromebook + Apps package got an update the other day bringing in new bookmarks management features.

Administrator in schools and enterprises can now add or manage bookmarks on  enrolled Chromebooks and even Chrome / Chrome for Android.

Here is the official description of the feature from the help article

Allows you to push a list of bookmarks for the convenience of users on Chrome on all platforms including mobile devices. On Chrome Devices and Chrome on Desktop, the bookmarks will appear in a folder on Chrome’s bookmark bar. The user cannot modify the contents of this folder, but can choose to hide it from the bookmark bar. On Chrome Mobile, this also appears as a folder within Bookmarks.

If you are an admin with access to the Admin Console, go to your Admin Console at, navigate to the Chrome Management section and search for “Managed Bookmarks” to see them.

chrome news  Chrome Admin Console Now Lets You Push or Manage Bookmarks Remotely

It is more like the set of bookmarks that you get pre-installed in computers managed by your company, if you such an experience. Now, we  need to wait and see if Google has something innovative planned for these too!

PS: Is this a side project of people who worked on the new Chrome bookmarks aka Google Stars?



Chrome OS Getting Virtual Desktop Solutions Thanks to Vmware Nvidia Partnership

Looks like Nvidia is pretty serious about Chrome OS and Chromebooks. After the new Acer Chromebook powered by their K1 processor, and news that more Nvidia powered Chromebooks are in the works, here is something that you usually expect only from partners with serious interest, a partnership with virtualizations provider Vmware, bringing better access to traditional computing platforms, things like running Photoshop on a remote computer and accessing it on your Chromebook.

The new technology, currently in “preview” stage, this new workstation-class virtual desktop tech leverages NVIDIA’s GRID vGPU technology in conjunction with VMware Blast Performance to offer high-performance computing from a Chromebook.

chromebook  Chrome OS Getting Virtual Desktop Solutions Thanks to Vmware Nvidia Partnership

Do not get excited yet, because this may not be for everyone at least for now. This is not your regular Chrome Remote Desktop style access that we are talking about.  Windows ( or any other heavy operating system) will run on a server inside a datacenter. A user will connect to these servers to access applications such as photoshop or CAD designing software using a Chromebook equipped with special firmware and apps.

This means Vmware and Nvidia are targetting companies, not individuals with this software. Companies can deploy Chromebooks without worrying about occasional heavy traditional applications their employees might need to access. This may not work for every company out there, but in every company. There may be a bunch of companies who can switch to Chromebooks without thinking much. There may be some more companies who can deploy Chromebooks to most of their staff. I have seen organizations like this. (for example, the local hospital / clinic that I visit, they use Ubuntu to access their web based application)

via Vmware

Education market, check. Enterprise? We’ll get there!

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