Chromebook Pixel 2 Gets Google Play on Stable Channel


Google has finally released a stable channel update to Chrome OS that adds Google Play Store to the 2015 Pixel Chromebook. If you are a Pixel 2 owner, go ahead and update your Chromebook, restart it and look for the Play Store icon in your app launcher. If you are already on Beta or Dev […] Read More

Chromebooks Can Now Wirelessly Connect To Epson Projectors


Epson has announced the availability of their iProjection™ App for Chromebooks, allowing them to wirelessly connect to Epson projectors. With the Epson Multi-PC Projection with Moderator function and the Epson iProjection App for Chromebooks, the teacher has the ability to display up to four Chromebook notebook computers simultaneously from a maximum of 50 connected devices […] Read More

Pictures Of 4K Google Chromecast Ultra Leak


The customary leaks before the release continues. This time, we have pictures of the upcoming (allegedly) 4K Chromecast Ultra. I am not convinced with the name, yet. Google has dropped the word "Chrome" from Chromecast in the latest preview release of Google Cast software. And on the picture, the Chromecast looks a lot like the […] Read More

Rumor Says Next Pixel Laptop Will Run The New “Andromeda” OS


Did you notice that I did not say Pixel Chromebook, but used "Pixel Laptop" instead? Yea, if the rumors are true, the new Pixel will run yet another OS, the new (again, rumored) Andromeda operating system. Should I register ? The entire web is busy discussing what Google is planning for their October 4th […] Read More

Hangouts 13.0 for Android Released With Chrome Custom Tabs Support


Hangouts is stilling hanging in there. The release of Duo and Allo is not making Hangouts go, as some of us thought. Hangouts, official Google application that replaced Google Talk, has also been updated to bring support for Chrome Custom Tabs to the app on Android. Chrome Custom Tabs give apps more control over their […] Read More

Bring Twitter Night Mode to the Web with this Chrome Extension


If you enjoy the dark theme on Twitter's mobile app for Android and iOS, a new extension is in place to bring you pretty much the same experience on Web. Twitter Web- Night Mode. Night mode is enabled by default and it can be switched to the default theme by clicking on the Twitter icon that […] Read More

Rumor: “Chromecast Ultra” From Google To Cost $69


I am sure you all are tired of all the Google rumors already. Since we have a Chromecast bit of rumor floating around, Chrome Story must share that news here. So, bear with me! Along with the new Pixel phones and all the other rumored things (tablets, Google Home and Wifi routers and what not!) […] Read More

Google Now Offers Free 60 Days Trial For Chrome Device Management Console


Google is making it easy for administrators to try and purchase the Chrome Device Management Console. Admins can now sign up for a free trial right from their Admin Console. From the blog post: If you’re a current Google Apps customer, we’re making it easier than ever to set up Chrome device management for managing […] Read More

Google Drops “Chrome” Branding From Chromecast


The first update to the Chromecast Preview Channel was very insignificant. Or so we thought. The official release note say just one thing, the usual "we fixed some bugs and made the thing a little better" stuff. However, Android Police reports that the update came with a very significant change, Google is no longer showing […] Read More

Chrome OS Admin Console Gets Google Play Settings For Easy Management


As we have detailed regularly here on Chrome Story, Android apps are coming to Chromebooks! With the release of the Google Play store to the stable channel of Chrome, it is time for IT administrators to considering how they will manage, deploy and monitor Android App usage on Chrome OS. A new section has been […] Read More

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